9 comments on “MMA Surge – The Von Flue Choke”

  1. TheAntManChannel says:

    Super nice!

  2. Sam Scholdner says:

    It’s not that easy to make someone tap with that unless they are a bitch,
    good way to make someone uncomfortable when u have em side mounted though.

  3. ken says:

    This is the best vid mma surge came up with. I see originality


  4. Reak55 says:

    I pull this all the time on beginners who think they can finish the choke
    when your in opposite side-control.

  5. xiTrue Story says:

    nice episode but i think the description is wrong :-D

  6. anthony templin says:

    I feel like more people need to use this move

  7. Nick Paladino says:

    Love your videos! I practice these everyday with my buddy’s! Good job man!

  8. Chris Chalker says:

    This is perfect for this one kid all he does is guillotines. 

  9. Lukey The Dukey says:

    is that Jarett sleeper

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