25 comments on “MMA Surge – Top 10 MMA Fails”

  1. nikolas fandoul says:

    Some shadow boxing moves would be perfect

  2. warrenc1903 says:

    last one, totally deserved it! 

  3. nikolas fandoul says:

    Balls of steel

  4. Hill Billy says:

    Keylock/Americana Defense. Thanks in advanced man.

  5. Игорь Раев says:

    self defence would be nice. Or some really efficient moves that are easy to
    perform for people without good stratch.

  6. Patrick Ryan says:

    I would like to see a video of all the moves from the past that are now
    illegal in MMA. Jon Jones Ice Pick I know is one of them. 

  7. Joseantonio Garcia says:

    Hey squid teach us how to knockout somebody with only one punch also with
    one kick that would be great

  8. Don Williams says:

    Hey squid I need some help with closed guard because I have ankle problems
    so I can’t keep my guard closed for long. My bjj teacher says I need to
    work on it any tips would be helpful

  9. Santiago Lupian says:

    Lets see some sparring some fights

  10. Darrien T says:

    North south choke. 

  11. Travis Bywater says:

    Somehow I think ‘MMA surge’ have run out of ideas for videos

  12. Void In your heart says:

    is this a reupload?

  13. iVenzy says:

    Some fighting exercises would be great. ;D

  14. DarkGunner5 says:

    What’s the name of the video in the beginning?

  15. Raziel Leon says:

    More of this things too.

  16. Andrew Jordan says:

    I’d like to some more video game takedowns. Including games like dishonored
    and overgrowth.

  17. shadownight333 says:

    Hey squid, how bout some sparring vid?

    also i’d like to see some bruce lee type stuff, you know explain his
    Intercepting fists, or his feints and hit combos. Keep it up, LOL at the
    guy who failed the backflip xD

  18. KeptZ says:

    Hey squid, could you do a video on different takedowns from guard? I find
    them really useful.

  19. Pussy Destroyer says:

    Can you show some kick-combinations?

  20. ovo ono says:

    double KO No.1!

  21. Scrotie Mcboogerballs says:

    Takedowns from the clinch like throws, trips 

  22. Markus M says:

    Down vote for putting one of the greatest mma moments of all time on a fail

  23. Jamie Shaw says:

    Haha great vid xD

  24. TheBoxerjr says:

    helicopter armbar tutorial 

  25. Alan Castorena says:

    Like the videos by the way squid. Me and a couple of friends use your
    videos when we train. Keep up the great work.

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