8 comments on “MMA Surge – Top Ten Most Amazing MMA Moves Pt 1”

  1. TheAntManChannel says:

    #3 Nice and quick.

  2. SwitchBladeCrisis420 says:

    Lol #1 defintely deserved that spot. 

  3. ShadowManV3 says:

    1st one would piss me off if he did that to me. I never really liked that

  4. HamburgerFeet says:


  5. ilikeyoutub07 says:

    6 is my favorite one

  6. frankster98 says:

    why wasn’t ShowTime Pettis’s cage kick on here 

  7. RedWolf69 says:

    Frank Mir vs Minotauro Nogueira. Such an epic move and submission, going
    from looking like you are about to lose, then snapping his shoulder out of
    it’s socket. Now that is amazing. 

  8. zedx15ify says:

    #10 was just stupid…

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