14 comments on “MMA Surge: Wrapping Hands for Training, Episode 49”

  1. iabarab55555 says:

    Y don’t u wrap between the fingers?

  2. Carlo K says:

    Thanks Squid man!

  3. James Evans says:

    Can you go through how to choose a heavy bag

  4. Shams Sair says:

    Video on increasing leg power, , speedand strength

  5. polo kastillo says:

    Hey hello please could you do a video about increase the punching power!!!!

  6. JDF ORION says:

    Interesting style of wrapping I will have to try your method

  7. Pblunt Dagodd says:

    How come u don’t go thru fingers?

  8. Jonathan Teh says:

    Not going through the fingers just feels wrong. Maybe another vid on
    wrapping for MMA training? 

  9. Sammy Lopez says:

    I wanna see blocks and counter attacks to hooks

  10. boontyful says:

    Knuckles are exposed on the left hand. Not the way I would wrap my hands

  11. Lukey The Dukey says:

    Could you show us more takedowns/judo throws?

  12. TheM cz says:

    could you show how to wrap hands for fight in next video please?

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