6 comments on “MMA Tete-A-Tete: Dallas & Nate debate Davis vs. Machida & MMA scoring, BJJ in MMA”

  1. paulmolive84 says:

    Nate says the judges are in la la land for davis fight. Could it be judges are getting bored during fights and zoning out? So they essentially end up tossing a coin? After judging so many mundane fights it might just put them to sleep

  2. Pedro Tavares says:

    Going to disagree about D’amato, he is horrible he has a an awful track record, Cecil Peoples like and somehow Ratner always takes him for UFC international events, I don’t understand why Dana complains about judges and then lets Ratner take this incopetent guys everywhere.

    As for MAchida vs Davis, I had Machida taking all the round, he was blocking Phil kicks and punches, he was just letting him hit him he was checking stuff and hiting Davis, people seem to just ignore that…

  3. hammerrt says:

    Dallas is as out to lunch in his interpretation of the Davis vs Machida fight as the dudes who actually judged it! Machida didn’t tool anybody on the feet, he outpointed his opponent slightly. Davis didn’t deserve to win, and Machida doesn’t need his nuts hugged after a middling performance. First round should have been scored 10-10, The 2nd to Davis and the 3rd to Machida.

  4. fantoma5499 says:

    Another great discussion though too short. I’d be interested in seeing Davis vs Machida again.I can understand why some people may think the fight was boring, and usually i would agree but with this fight there was a strong element of danger throughout and that kept it interesting. Maybe a 5 round fight would be better suited to a rematch. I do think Machida won, but the cliche rings true one more time with this one – never leave it in the hands of the judges. Good chemistry between you both.

  5. bubbafreesnake says:

    No disrespect to Kid Nate, but “adios mma aficionados” is kind of lack luster.

  6. Dylan Mead says:

    I got a bong that does that bro LOL

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