16 comments on “MMA Tete-A-Tete: Luke & Nate look back at UFC 177”

  1. optimine says:

    It’s so annoying to see Dana cut people like Jake Shields ’cause he doesn’t
    want to pay him 75 000 when he’s the kinda guy who could have helped a card
    like last night especially since he was actually there already. : P

  2. optimine says:

    I almost couldn’t watch the Ferguson/Castillo decision. Danny won it in my

  3. Mike C. says:

    There’s some really good scholarly talk here! I enjoy the term viz-a-viz.

  4. Jacob Goranson says:

    This tete-a-tete fills me with Weltschmerz. Also made me laugh a few times,

  5. gizmo nala says:

    Luke Thomas is even better uncensored. Now i want uncensored Helwani, get
    it done Nate!

  6. Gabriel Verdon says:

    I was a guy on twitter who requested Luke come on this show, so thank you!
    I watch all the Bloody Elbow/Kid Nate vids here and I really enjoyed seeing
    you two chat in a more informal setting here.

  7. MrColdwatercanyon says:


  8. Kefka says:

    Two fav MMA bloggers hating on the UFC sweet.

  9. Smirk says:

    I think there should be four pay per views a year. Those four should be the
    numbered UFC cards. The numbering of cards means nothing. Stack four ppvs a
    year and sell a ton.

  10. Yousef Almalki says:

    Omg live how fo you be live

  11. optimine says:

    I think about the saturation thing they just need to essentially create so
    many different fighters and situations that they can use in a varied way of
    their choosing. They simply know they want “more”.

  12. optimine says:

    ya, I have to admit, that kinda confusion in logic when the “better” fights
    are free would piss me off if I bought pay per view. 

  13. optimine says:

    Soto saved the respectability. 

  14. optimine says:

    as an animal lover I can’t help but appreciate the hallowed showing of the

  15. optimine says:

    my theory is they know pay per view is dead in the long run. just a guess.
    so they’re thinking about different models whatever that means.

  16. optimine says:

    you guys (luke especially) like to talk about the dilution of the ufc but
    thankfully that only matters if you’re paying to watch the events. 

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