6 comments on “MMA Tete-A-Tete: Nate & Eugene on UFC 164, Pettis vs Grant”

  1. Oxbow B says:

    hmmm….based on an older episode of Knuckle Up some BJJ legends said that they thought the Diaz’s Jiu Jitsu was not technically great. And backed it up with the avoidance of the Braulio Estima fight and YouTube BJJ matches that involved both brothers that they had seen.

  2. ckeeler13 says:

    Just curious. Are you suggesting, or saying, that the Diaz brothers’ black belts are in that category of ‘McBlackbelts’? This is a friendly question, just wondering.  Thanks.

  3. Pecid says:

    Hey guys good review. I think Grant does pose a real threat for Pettis. But if Pettis shows up 100 % he will probably knock Grant’s ass out

  4. Kenro200x says:

    “I traveled a lot to your country, Africa” LOL

  5. thebroomcupboard says:

    Cecil Peoples/Colonel Kurtz zone. LOL

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