18 comments on “MMA Tete-A-Tete: UFC 175 Chael Sonnen fails drug test & he’s off the card”

  1. dagrimmreepa says:

    Jordan seems like a cool guy. Does he have a show/podcast, too? Really
    don’t want to dive into the troll abyss that is Sherdog to browse around
    and find out.

  2. ARFOR DeTWENTI says:


  3. MrROKinROK says:

    Vitor is probably kicking himself right now. If he held out for a few more
    days, he might not have had to come clean this soon.

  4. TANK SHERMAN says:

    That collective flushing sound is the fight week promotion for UFC 174. 

  5. John Galt says:

    I find this gleeful schadenfreude to be absolutely disgusting. Moreover, I
    feel embarrassed for Kid Nate. It’s like he’s a dorky kid back in high
    school & he just found out that the captain of the football team got caught
    drinking beer. Chael is getting off TRT. So of course he is taking these
    two substances to reboot his natural testosterone. Neither of the two
    substances are PED’s. There is absolutely nothing wrong with what he did.
    In fact it is what anyone in his situation would & should do.

  6. gizmo nala says:

    fuckin Alf in the background thats awesome 

  7. Toonses says:

    LOL Chael Sonnen failed the drug test. Hypocrite moron Chael. LOL

  8. Eric Buck says:

    Nice get Nate, Jordan is top notch. I’d love to see more of him. Having
    Luke Thomas back on would be nice too. U two have a good rapport. 

  9. Paul Christen says:

    Awesome…my two favorite mma guys breaking down this shit show.

  10. Deano says:

    I’m glad it’s the sherdog RADIO network. 

  11. Gabriel Verdon says:

    Jordan Breen is so weird but so perfect.

  12. Gaius Nasa says:

    I like Jordan’s style!

  13. KJ Gould says:

    A few seconds on google tells you Clomofine is on the list of WADA illegal
    doping list. Chael should (would) have known. Out of competition testing
    exists exactly because previous testing wasn’t adequate to prevent doping
    in sports … which is the point of these tests.

  14. Daniel B says:

    just shows you how ‘clean’ the sport of mma is… this is getting

  15. Duke D says:

    Chael just earned himself landscaping duty at Dana’s…..+ sweep the garage
    & cleaning the dog kennels

  16. Swankye Dreamcastpodcast says:

    Sonnen is not a cheater , the stuff he was taking blocks estrogen the
    female hormone , its not like he was talking a Hulk Smash Potion come on
    son give Sonnen a break. 

  17. 856301X says:

    I love bloody elbows guerilla mma journalism! No fucking around here –
    Discuss Chael “drug fail” Sonnen! 

  18. philrm99 says:

    Chael can always fight Cyborg. Ha! Ha!

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