14 comments on “MMA Tete-A-Tete: UFC on FOX 8 preview/predictions w/ Dallas & Josh Samman”

  1. alfredtuna51 says:

    No lifer man get ur shit strait

  2. PITDAWG HYDRO says:

    I like Josh..

  3. Andy Young says:

    Good show. Josh did his research!

  4. shonuffLA says:

    I tried but this vid should be named the guy with chewy talks about his favorite fights.

  5. Eric Wildman says:

    I know you’re reading this Nate. Hit me up on Chess with Friends. Don’t hide from me Kid. I’m filletOfish on there.

  6. Eric Wildman says:

    This should be a Josh & Kid joint. No offense to u Dallas. You’re a good guy, I just think Nate is more polished.

  7. MMANationDotCom says:


  8. Douglas Webb says:

    Where’s Nate? What is this garbage?!

  9. Denis Horvat says:

    awesome show , thank you guys

  10. thebroomcupboard says:

    Flyweights? boo

  11. thebroomcupboard says:

    where’s the lols?

  12. thebroomcupboard says:

    From first hand exp. of course.

  13. FouetLianes says:

    thebroomcup what the fuck 

  14. thebroomcupboard says:

    Josh Samman! How are you guys gonna handle someone who actually know what he’s talking about!

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