9 comments on “MMA Tete-a-Tete: UFC so far in 2013 half-year review w/ Kid Nate & Dallas Winston”

  1. Pedro Tavares says:

    Nate thats kinda harsh calling Vitor wife a porn star, she wasn’t, she was just a girl in a show in brazil that would go around in a bikini just like there are a bunch of hot girls doing that in brazil shows, thats their “thing”…

  2. James St. John Smythe says:

    English if you can old boy all comments to be written in English thanks a lot .

  3. Robert Livingston says:

    Where’s the homeless guy?

  4. ChrisPeteG says:

    Do not speak ill of Star Wars. The prequels aren’t as good, but are still good in their own right(Jar Jar did suck). Beyond that, CGI has allowed things to be achieved on film that were never possible before. Also, EVERYTHING looks worse on standard definition TV. Star Wars and Lord of the Rings looks fantastic on DVD on an HD TV. To put it bluntly…you just have that ‘jaded old man’ syndrome when it comes to film 😀

  5. late privktorian era says:

    this was some monumental silly goosery you two..

  6. willsnavycut says:

    I love these chats.

  7. ThaiPugnus says:

    You can throw a spinning axe kick, and the kick was a spinning hook kick.

  8. Denis Horvat says:

    thank you guys for your hard work , appreciating it

  9. jherek last says:

    swanson doesnt have a chance against aldo either…

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