9 comments on “MMA Tete-A-Tete: UFC vs Bellator this weekend and into 2015”

  1. G White says:

    Man I wish you guys would do more of these, there always such good quality
    and its a fun change of pace to see Luke interact with someone outside the
    MMA beat crew.

    Also Nate are you considering doing an MMA bunker about the Roufus sport
    debacle. I mean this seems to me like a perfect storm, a coach of a UFC
    champion is complicit in the death of one of their gyms fighters and then
    doctors the tape of the incident before handing it over to the authorities.
    I know you worked in crisis management in PR so I’d be interested to here
    your opinion. Should the UFC cut ties with Roufus sport?

  2. TANK SHERMAN says:

    John “The Quiet Man” Ruiz was the first Mexican heavyweight champion in a
    major combat sport (boxing), not Cain. 

  3. DeChOu says:

    Okay…my two cents.
    1. Overall, this weekend’s cards were very entertaining. I watched at a bar
    that had all 3 promotions on at the same time. I thoroughly enjoyed my
    fight night. I watched all of TUF Latin America and the finale fights were
    a great culmination of the season. If you DIDN’T watch the season (which is
    recorded and available ANYTIME on Fightpass), then how is your opinion
    worth anything. One of you even admitted not seeing some of the matches on
    the UFC card.
    2. This year, I’ve predicted more than 600 fights from 11 different MMA
    promotions. Bellator’s card this weekend, in my opinion, doesn’t fall in
    the top 5 of promotions I’d like to see. The professional wrestling-esque
    crap that went on DETRACTS from the seriousness of the sport. If I wanted
    to see that shit, I’d tune in to WWE with the lamebrains.
    3. I quit watching boxing many years ago because of the corruption involved
    in the sport. The fact that the UFC is making slow progress in Asia (and
    3rd world countries) is perfectly understandable. By yesterday’s standards,
    the UFC is squeaky fucking clean.
    4. I have a life. I teach high school, do family stuff, go fishing, play
    poker twice a week, etc. I easily keep up with the entire sport and can
    find where the cards are televised. What’s your friggin’ problem? Isn’t
    that what you do for a living? 

  4. gizmo nala says:

    luke did you crank your volume up for the bonnar entrance 

  5. Mike C. says:

    Awesome chat guys! Bellator has a new fan in me.

  6. bdevil311 says:

    Agree with Luke with quality debate as usual. I passed on UFC event this
    weekend, just not worth the money. If you go back and look at a card like
    166 or really any of the events from 164 to 168 and compare it to this last
    weekends card and it’s just not even close to the same quality. Looks like
    UFC might be putting a good string together again over the next 2 months if
    injuries don’t destroy things.

  7. Chris Meers says:

    Your love of bellator squash matches is disturbing, I personally dont enjoy
    a fight when i know (95%) fighter X is going to win, doesnt that defeat the
    purpose of watching?

  8. gizmo nala says:

    is that Luke or Chuck im so confused 

  9. gumby2ms says:

    cage warriors is the true competitor. you talk about legit fighterss,
    bellator fights are a joke. 

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