3 comments on “MMA Tete-A-Tete: Why we love, and hate, MMA”

  1. Josh Irvine says:

    1. The cage is too big in the UFC. (Promotes point fighting)
    2. Criticism of fighters is almost not aloud
    3. Trying to push mainstream too soon.
    1. Fighters trying to discover the perfect package of techniques to become
    the best.
    2. A good fight. Bigfoot vs Hunt blood bath or Jones vs Gustafsson where
    the two best are finding the only holes in each others style and beating
    the shit out of each other. (What point fighting should be)
    3. When one man finds the perfect style. Chuck Liddell, Anderson Silva, Jon
    Jones and it gets debunked by a new wave.

  2. P12yt says:

    Man, I love you guys. Worked hard all day and it’s always nice to get down
    with ya’ll!

  3. zachmacjack says:

    Discuss quentin tarrantino movies

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