25 comments on “MMA – The Upsets”

  1. brann2200 says:

    liddell vs rashed was no upset! liddell was like 40 years old! everyone
    knew he was far past it.chuck liddell was carrying that belt in his late

  2. pemco1 says:

    0:51 best rap ever!

  3. BIGPAPAYOU says:


  4. Tom Smith says:

    fabricio werdum vs fedor

  5. J Carter says:

    Fedor & Henderson but sweet vid anyway

  6. 420DROOPS21 says:

    the matt serra ko over gsp always makes me soo happy 

  7. Dom Howard says:

    Most illegal knee ive ever seen against jardine.

  8. Plainfield Ex says:

    damn but why is chuck like half of them?

  9. Adam Foss says:

    Anderson is 38 and weidman is 29

  10. Imatrip says:

    Check the date…… And also not really. Not one person can be Champion
    forever. I knew Weidman was going to win. Anderson is 39 I believe and
    Chris is near 24-25. Yes, Anderson doesn’t move like a 39 year old, but his
    attitude did in their fight

  11. Imatrip says:

    Not really. He lost like what 3 or 4 big fights before he finally retired.

  12. betteldottel says:

    motherfucking epicnes of the last one ….

  13. Nicky Dulepski says:

    chuck liddell gets upset a lot

  14. perfectpickleman says:

    nope, check again son

  15. I Stay Up says:

    THis video was out about a year before that fight.

  16. ZombieKiller1348 says:

    Griffin/Shogun? Nogueira/Cro Cop? Edgar/Penn? Wanderlei/Henderson?
    Griffin/Rampage? Fedor/Werdum?

  17. Kyle Johnson says:

    I spy an illegal knee 1:34

  18. Justin Smith says:

    Randy Couture vs Tim Sylvia an upset. Maybe if you’re Helen Keller

  19. Perverso120 says:

    Chris Weidman vs Anderson Silva!?

  20. Christopher Ralph says:

    It’s kinda hard to say though- it could of been on the lower part of the
    neck. Not sure it that would be a legal strike or not.

  21. Moises Garcia says:

    8:04 lulz

  22. sirpa89 says:

    hahhaahha second fight upset?? Every hardcore fan knew petruzelli was going
    to win

  23. Darwyn7 says:

    sounds like young jeezy “i love it” great video btw!

  24. Lyoto T says:

    Pleaseeee , someone know the name of the soundtrack??? 😀

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