7 comments on “MMA Tribute by Johan Lofgren”

  1. JonnyLofgren says:

    I´m glad you enjoyed it!

  2. JonnyLofgren says:

    KSW is the closest thing to PRIDE today. They should use PRIDE rules and sign more top fighters.

  3. JonnyLofgren says:

    Have a great day bro!

  4. SeNgokuRaiden00 says:

    Incredible video man!Awesome!

  5. WatariKashi says:

    Good tribute, there were some brutal battles back in the pride days. Would be interesting to have some exhibition fights today with Pride rules. Anderson Silva vs Jon Jones with Pride rules would blow my mind to pieces!

  6. Atmosphereification says:


  7. SergioLeone49 says:

    badass video, as usual! Thanks Johan, have a nice day

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