25 comments on “MMA TRX Workout for Functional Training & Conditioning”

  1. fightTIPS says:

    Here’s a full body fighter’s workout you can do at home with just one piece
    of equipment:

  2. BowlCutKid DKS says:

    As Dom Mazzetti of BroScience once said, “TRX… Well that leads no where”

  3. MrPokemonbey says:

    Shane will i lose my stamina and strength?i havent been working out for a
    week cuz i went to other country and had a diarrhea

  4. lmCIoudz says:

    this is called a workout? lol

  5. Patrick Bateman says:

    Nice video Shane, ill be sure to get one of these next payday 

  6. morgan taylor says:

    Shane Im 13 live in uk how much money is it to subscribe to my fight gym I
    would like to do mma but I don’t have time I have done boxing for five
    years but I would like to do mma so how much is it to subscribe to my fight
    gym. Please reply thanks

  7. PikUpYourPantsPatrol says:

    Can someone tell me how to do crunches, when I do them I have trouble
    breathing, I like hold my breathe, it hurts my back and sometimes it don’t
    feel the burn, like it’s doing nothing

  8. ilovecomedyppl says:

    I’m definitely getting at trx band. Great video Shane!

  9. aso mohamed says:

    We’re is the best place to bite someone in a fight ear or neck do you have
    a video on biting in a fight ofcorse only in life threatening situation. 

  10. Jim Bob says:

    Oh hell no these things go for 200-300 $ but at the end it will be worth it

  11. Emiel Strieder says:

    You can do all of that by pushup’s
    You dom’t need a rope

  12. shyla ferrell says:

    what do you do when you are gettting your hair pulled in a fight

  13. Jim Bob says:

    How much are they ? 

  14. gabrijel debeljak says:

    Shane what should i buy for street fight training : allstrike, b.o.b the
    mannequin or a good punching bag ??

  15. ShellySummers says:

    There are trx like machines at target and walmart. Also you can make one
    with a come along and a carabeaner.

  16. djjack2k8 says:

    Dude youre a legend haha
    Im an Irish aspiring fighter here, could you make a fighter diet video for
    cutting weight while taking into account energy needs?
    Cheers buddy 

  17. nicholas williams says:

    Hey Shane, great video, I just got a speed bag and don’t know how to use
    it. Could you make a vid on how to use one properly

  18. BrownRice says:

    Hey Shane. What’s your view on fencing?

  19. Ethan Latto says:

    Hey Shane what martial arts do you do? I do JKD in which I do Wing Chun,
    Kali, Muay Thai and boxing

  20. Graeme Dixon says:


  21. morgan taylor says:

    I love this channel

  22. bubbles blows says:

    More exercises using these please. Great vid

  23. Raza Thoelen says:

    Yoo whatsup shane! can you make a video for what to eat for enough energy
    needs while cutting. Greets from belgium!

  24. Lizzy bri says:

    Cool vid 

  25. Iron Mashio says:

    I am sexer than you Shane.

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