11 comments on “MMA – UFC Fail Compilation”

  1. the Puerto and the American says:

    This was from themontageking xD 

  2. tom middleton says:

    Stealing vids are we

  3. NateTheItalianStallion says:

    This is from TheMontageKing’s channel, you all should go watch it there,
    not on this poser’s channel (though it is ironic since I am on it xD)

  4. Franz Pogi says:

    Whats he doin hahahahaha lmao announcer

  5. Chavez says:

    Ultraaaaaaa combo!

  6. hoàng đặng ngọc says:

    funny, very funny, and the song’s name???

  7. Robin Sawchuk says:

    we fight we fight we fiiiight…

  8. toddybottoms says:

    Should change the name. Not all ufc…

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