25 comments on “MMA / UFC update: Gustafsson vs Teixeira, Thomson vs Ferguson”

  1. G-man says:

    oh man the ending with aldo dancing made me laugh so hard
    as always great vid

  2. Danny Mena says:

    Anyone else laugh their ass off at the wwe clips?

  3. doubledoubleandfries says:

    Dying at that Tony Montana part! Keep it up Digest! 

  4. Phil MacMillan says:

    Fuck man, your vids get me every time!! That Aldo song and dance fucking
    had me busting a nut. Who you got for the featherweight title in July? If
    Aldo comes in the best shape of his career I think it’ll be a war, but I
    think McGregor is fresher, more diverse, more relaxed, and dangerous. That
    being said Aldo is the best in the world, I just wanna see them fight…
    Now Hahn 

  5. BlackSwoldier o says:

    Yes! Gustafsson. All the pressure is on him tho, Glover can knock people

  6. Wyatt Nite says:

    Thanks for another great upload MMADigest. I like to touch myself to the
    background music.

    Kind Regards,
    Wyatt Nite

  7. BlackSwoldier o says:

    Best part 3:34

  8. stllwtchngvds says:

    Great upcoming match ups. And wow did Thiago Silva fall off like that or
    was his opponent very good? And Chael has an interesting opinion on things.
    I wonder is he picking Aldo for his speed or does he think he’s going to
    work his ground game. Great work @mmadigest

  9. turtles says:

    Good stuff, man. I wonder what Chael Sonnen meant when he said that the
    Jones/Johnson fight won’t happen…injury? positive test? Lol?

    We’ll find out next time onnnnnnn:
    MMA DIgest.

  10. Prince Jasper says:

    churrrrr that was a good one haha

  11. MechanicalMidget says:

    o marone, the wwe is such cringe

  12. Santa Claus says:

    3:41 LOL

  13. Mustafa Senegal says:

    cant wait to see alex vs glover live!
    great episode as always

  14. Derek Bowles says:

    The most entertaining and informative mma channel on youtube! People want
    to get their facts in a timely manner, and no time is wasted in these
    videos. Every second counts and I enjoy watching every second. Keep up the
    good work my man!

  15. Wiizardii says:

    Yes Gus is back in action. I am glad to see he is coming back, I hope he is
    ready… He may be next to face Jones/Johnson for the title. 

  16. lknowyourrootsl says:

    Thank you mmadigest you are the man!!

  17. SusloNick says:

    some one touch Khabib at staredowns so we can see how he slams Dana White

  18. Fel B says:

    Another great update 

  19. Watchdog says:

    Keep doing these videos…

  20. John Doe says:

    Looooooool fuck the diaz brothers!!

  21. Nelter says:

    jacare vs romero holy good fuck

  22. chris smith says:

    Khabib is a Muslim idiots

  23. Max HulkSMASH says:

    Jesus that Robbie trigg knockout was brutal.. Robbie is such a savage

  24. Kory Lian says:

    God I fucking hate Ronda rousy

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