MMA / UFC update: Gustafsson vs Teixeira, Thomson vs Ferguson

Alexander Gustafsson vs Glover Teixeira June 20th in Berlin. Josh Thomson vs Tony Ferguson on July 15th in San Diego. Rockhold training for Machida. Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor in London….

25 comments on “MMA / UFC update: Gustafsson vs Teixeira, Thomson vs Ferguson”

  1. G-man says:

    oh man the ending with aldo dancing made me laugh so hard
    as always great vid

  2. Danny Mena says:

    Anyone else laugh their ass off at the wwe clips?

  3. doubledoubleandfries says:

    Dying at that Tony Montana part! Keep it up Digest! 

  4. Phil MacMillan says:

    Fuck man, your vids get me every time!! That Aldo song and dance fucking
    had me busting a nut. Who you got for the featherweight title in July? If
    Aldo comes in the best shape of his career I think it’ll be a war, but I
    think McGregor is fresher, more diverse, more relaxed, and dangerous. That
    being said Aldo is the best in the world, I just wanna see them fight…
    Now Hahn 

  5. BlackSwoldier o says:

    Yes! Gustafsson. All the pressure is on him tho, Glover can knock people

  6. Wyatt Nite says:

    Thanks for another great upload MMADigest. I like to touch myself to the
    background music.

    Kind Regards,
    Wyatt Nite

  7. BlackSwoldier o says:

    Best part 3:34

  8. stllwtchngvds says:

    Great upcoming match ups. And wow did Thiago Silva fall off like that or
    was his opponent very good? And Chael has an interesting opinion on things.
    I wonder is he picking Aldo for his speed or does he think he’s going to
    work his ground game. Great work @mmadigest

  9. turtles says:

    Good stuff, man. I wonder what Chael Sonnen meant when he said that the
    Jones/Johnson fight won’t happen…injury? positive test? Lol?

    We’ll find out next time onnnnnnn:
    MMA DIgest.

  10. Prince Jasper says:

    churrrrr that was a good one haha

  11. MechanicalMidget says:

    o marone, the wwe is such cringe

  12. Santa Claus says:

    3:41 LOL

  13. Mustafa Senegal says:

    cant wait to see alex vs glover live!
    great episode as always

  14. Derek Bowles says:

    The most entertaining and informative mma channel on youtube! People want
    to get their facts in a timely manner, and no time is wasted in these
    videos. Every second counts and I enjoy watching every second. Keep up the
    good work my man!

  15. Wiizardii says:

    Yes Gus is back in action. I am glad to see he is coming back, I hope he is
    ready… He may be next to face Jones/Johnson for the title. 

  16. lknowyourrootsl says:

    Thank you mmadigest you are the man!!

  17. SusloNick says:

    some one touch Khabib at staredowns so we can see how he slams Dana White

  18. Fel B says:

    Another great update 

  19. Watchdog says:

    Keep doing these videos…

  20. John Doe says:

    Looooooool fuck the diaz brothers!!

  21. Nelter says:

    jacare vs romero holy good fuck

  22. chris smith says:

    Khabib is a Muslim idiots

  23. Max HulkSMASH says:

    Jesus that Robbie trigg knockout was brutal.. Robbie is such a savage

  24. Kory Lian says:

    God I fucking hate Ronda rousy

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