6 comments on “MMA Vivisection: UFC Fight Night 36 – Machida vs. Mousasi predictions + analysis”

  1. jazzlive says:

    The new generation of Bloody Elbow commentators (Dallas, Zane and Conor) is
    really stepping up with the in-depth insights and you could say is making
    the old guard look like slackers (Nate, Eugene). Although the old guys do
    carry their weight with SAT vocabulary and Leonard Part VI references that
    never get old.
    I’m also digging the Groucho Marx look that Zane is bringing.

  2. WilliamDanigan says:

    Diggin Chewies new look.! He should have a different hat for each week lol 

  3. windsor laser says:

    I like that there are three of you for the preview… an MMM 3view
    Preview. HINT!! 

  4. dementia312 says:

    Dallas, if it’s any consolation I forgive you (mostly because I am a
    marijuana addict and I can relate to such situations).

  5. late privktorian era says:

    i’ve forgotten at least 3 times that jon jones fought rashad..

  6. dementia312 says:

    Marcello is headlining the prelims because Brazillian fans love him. Great
    show, peace out!

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