7 comments on “MMA Vivisection: UFC Gustafsson vs Manuwa, Bellator 111 predictions”

  1. ziongite says:

    Lol dudes talking about Manuwa’s good chin. Give me a fucking break.
    Gustafsson got hit in the face by Shogun and hit with clean kicks by Jones
    and a huge elbow. None of it phased him. Gus has the Iron Chin in this
    fight. Just fucking wait you tools and also Gus does have serious KO power.
    9 of his 15 wins are by KO.

    Taking direct Shogun strikes proves you have an epic chin. Shogun knocked
    out many guys with those strikes. Like James Te-Huna, Chuck Liddell,
    Forest, Overeem, Brandon Vera, Machida and more than 10 other guys. 

  2. Joe Farries says:

    Zane is really good, He has a lot of knowledge. The two person system is
    better for this format in my opinion. Dallas spaces out sometimes with mma
    memory and zane has the lisp. It’s a coin flip to me. They are both

  3. Jay c says:

    Thanks guys for another great preview, had a quick scan through the
    comments and saw Zayne taking a bit of shit off a bunch of haters, fuck the
    haters bro you’re doing an excellent job I really enjoy listening to your
    opinions and insight into the fighters, Excellent job Dallas, Zayne and
    Nate i’m going to the fights tomorrow hope you all enjoy the fights and
    let’s hope there’s some great action

  4. Denis Horvat says:

    Dallas Intro : ” I cant take this shit anymore ” , gonna grab some
    coffee and watch this !!

  5. G_A_B_O_S says:

    Zane is a great addition to the show. He is well informed and takes his job
    seriously. His knowledge of fighters is extensive, give him a few weeks and
    he will grow on you. Forget about what these idiots think your doing a good
    job bro!

  6. hammerrt says:

    Zane is not meant for this medium, dude is the drizzling shits.

  7. kindayeskindano says:

    Please take Zane off of these preview videos. I think he’s a dweeb and I
    stopped watching these previews because of him.

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