25 comments on “MMA vs Check – TvZ – Derelect Watcher – StarCraft 2”

  1. M. Sansucal says:

    maps getting boring

  2. Mark Das says:

    It’s funny seeing 12 marines take on a 1500 mineral/gas zerg army. Marines
    are just too cost effective. How to solve it? Increase their cost to about
    75 minerals. 

  3. VassalofGod says:

    husky, why do you keep saying “like a bajillion”? you’ve said “like a
    bajillion” like a bajillion times

  4. Peter Jensen says:

    does anyone know how and who to submit bronze league games to because I
    want to share a game I just had that was funny

  5. Kenny says:

    I was waiting for a check-mate pun :D

  6. sleeknub says:

    Check needed some Scarlet banelings (not the best map for it, however).

  7. Sektor cyrax says:

    There it is, the impossible widow mines which is a stupid idea.

  8. Shaun Fowler Mccreight says:

    Check’s a beast, but his multi-tasking needs a little work. if he really
    focuses i could see him being a MAJOR threat in the next couple years.

  9. +1 dBFS says:

    Can someone let me know, or maybe even better if YOU Husky, do a video on
    it… Has Content ID claims affected you? If so, what’s the game plan?

  10. Edwin Baik says:

    lulz this was on the acer team story cup

  11. Conkers Squirrel says:

    Terran OP

  12. Emrah Karaca says:

    What good are those widow mines other than spoiling TvZ? Is there anyone
    who enjoys playing with or against them?

  13. Johnny Favorite says:

    I find there are 3 distinct problems with muta vs rine fights.
    1. Mutalisks have range 3. That means that marines don’t need to form
    concaves or even micro, as every marine in the group is always within range
    and starts dealing damage before the mutas do.
    2. Mutalisks are so fragile they absolutely don’t work without a
    meatshield, and there is no adequate zerg unit for that. Lings evaporate
    instantly, and queens and roaches have a longer range so they actually
    stand BEHIND the mutalisks and fail to protect them, not to mention they
    move too slowly and become separated from the flock. The mutalisk/ultralisk
    combo is extremely efficient (the enemy army can’t stay, and can’t run
    without taking damage) but zergs never have enough resources to get there
    because of relentless harass.
    3. Marines are just too good, and its really stim that’s the problem.
    Either one of the following should go a great distance towards fixing this:
    stim takes off more hp, or improves attack rate by 35% instead of 50%, or
    lasts 8 seconds instead of 15, or medivacs heal slower.

  14. Marco Gallotti says:

    Go to 16:33 and look only the marauders! O_O 

  15. Gul Isbjörn says:


  16. Will Chien says:

    without changing the PvZ metagame too much, i guess we can try lowering
    baneling’s hatching time or allowing banelings to be made straight from
    hatcheries(skipping zerglings) for an extra cost. that probably won’t put
    zergs ahead in the resource exchange, but would undermine the lethality of
    the war machine strat. hopefully that would force terrans to diversify
    their unit compositions

  17. Andrew Oosterbaan says:

    So tired of these same TvZ games coming down to a few money Widow Mine hits
    taking out a dozen+ Banelings. Widow Mines are so boring >_< there was so
    much good finesse and particulars in the early game (killing the
    Reaper/keeping the Hellions alive) etc but it really just came down to a
    few big hits making for a bad engagement for Check and then the 'war
    machine' spirals out of control. Seen way too many games like that and it's

  18. Fei Hong Wong says:

    3 Base Terran push with marine and WM push seems too imba right now. That’s
    almost what all pro gamers are doing….makes for very standard and boring
    play from a spectator’s point of view. Innovation, Taeja, Bomber, MMA, etc
    are all doing this build.

    The fact that WM is relatively cheap as compared to a tank and can do
    pretty good splash damage and can burrow doesn’t help curb the Terran IMBA
    case either. Terran already have ranged splash with tanks, and Blizzard
    decided to make it even more IMBA by adding a cheaper version that can also

    And don’t get me started on the most IMBA ability in the entire
    game….Stimpack alone makes tier 1 units viable for the entire game, able
    to kill just about everything with medivac support.

  19. A Hardy says:

    Im sick of the tvz matchup. Its the same thing every time and its easy to
    predict whos gonna win just by looking at how long the video is. below 20
    mins terran most likely above 22 mins most likely zerg. 30 or above 50/50.
    Show some games where theres a variety of strats that each player could use
    other than a matchup where terran does the typical thing and zerg can only
    react in one way.

  20. Nicolas Buisson says:

    It is pretty funny that people say that marine are op, how many times I
    have lost all my army of marine to 4 burrowed baneling, how many times I
    miss micro and in 5 sec everything suddenly vanish in green shit, I don’t
    think any race are better than the others, it is only about having better
    multi tasking than your opponent or a lot of luck. 

  21. mike doyle says:

    yes marines are op its known and has been known but i think the real prob
    here is those silly ass widow mines.. what in the hell T has everything
    even burrow tech now and this tech shots like a tank and does not die after
    the shot? thought it was a mine? they are imo the only reason T are any
    good cause i think most Z players out play the i watched that same scarlett
    vs bomber game and thats all he needed was those mines just like in this
    match once those mines came into play it was over for zerg overseer is only
    unit with detection and its slow.. big and a few rines can just snipe it
    and when that happens Z is just boned i think its silly they got those no
    other unit in game is as onesided vs another race as those things zerg just
    has a hard time dealing with em. i say lower there damage.. or make em
    actuly die after a shot ( the way it should be ITS A MINE) and give zerg a
    better form of stealth detection and stop giving T free tournaments. haha
    they even gave reapers hp regen.. WHY haha WHY just WHY its a harass unit
    and it regens faster than zerg.. o and its base speed is faster than lings
    o and it jump up walls for free scouting. lol 😀 boring watching matches
    now its same stuff survive till T makes a mistake… o and zerg cant go
    different tech because the cost is to high and roaches and hyras get HARD
    countered with ling ban muta you can try and out player our oppent.. with
    anything else if they tech switch your army is boned. but there will alway
    be those that say STFU your just bad.. most are T and every now and again a
    Z will out play a T in a GSL and everyone be like see they not op you all
    just doing it wrong

  22. LegendaryRTS says:

    Thnkz for replay! Albit, the fight of MMA vs TLO was the best Z v T (MMA)
    in the first day of ATC 2 finals, second only to Scarletts win over Ryung.

  23. Nicholas Jager says:

    Ling that Scarlett is the only zerg to successfully pull off
    ling/bling/Mira against a 3 base terrain nowadays. 

  24. haruc says:

    Hmm… I was wondering when I saw a Zerg win a match… Cause of that, now
    days I just go to the end, see the zerg gg, leave a comment like that and
    go on doing other stuff. Takes 30 sec, instead of 20 minutes of inner rage.
    But thats the way to watch z v t these days (as a hobby zerg player… for
    pros it must be even harder so I don’t complain too much here :)

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