16 comments on “MMA vs. ForGG (TvT) – Quarterfinal – WCS Europe 2014 Season 3 – StarCraft 2”

  1. firesickle says:

    Last game is one of the best TvT’s I have ever seen. This was such a good

  2. YIC says:

    who the fuck is this commentator?
    holy shit, shut the fuck up
    nobody gives a shit what you would do, your job is to commentate

  3. Guillermo Rivera says:

    Last game was AMAZING!

  4. DaSnipy says:

    This was awesome ! 

  5. Bobby Fung says:

    This display doesn’t allow us to see money and supply at the same time…

  6. heime1990 says:

    cheese cheese cheese..MMA used to play standard style. during his slump. he
    realized he need to do unexpected thing to win
    once MC said MMA does one build perfectly but always stick to same build so
    he is stupid or something like that.
    in MC’s book..lol

  7. UPutTheGayInGangster says:

    great series

  8. hyohyo78 says:

    Wow MMA at 1st game ! I didn’t see the end yet !

  9. Ben Hyle says:

    Final match was AMAZING.

  10. Parckie says:

    “oooo” and “wow” were used so much with so little tactical / build order

  11. Paul Geppert says:

    What a match! Such skill! :D

  12. Skilful Templar says:

    39:46 dat medivac pilot was drunk man!

  13. Alyssa Laube says:

    man t h at was fantastic ending!

  14. Mojo Jojo says:

    I am loving the intros… well done!

  15. spocklogic45 says:

    These HYPE videos with Apollo are AWESOME its exactly what Starcraft and E
    Sports needs!

  16. Traffic xxx says:


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