15 comments on “MMA vs. Hyun (TvZ) – IEM Toronto 2014 EU Qualifier – LB Semifinal – StarCraft 2”

  1. ESL says:

    !!! ATTENTION – SPOILER !!! (stop reading here)

    Games 2:11 25:00 35:15

  2. stretch90 says:

    MMA could’ve easily won game 3 if he built marauders and actually kept his
    bio in front of his tanks, instead of behind them.

  3. ,Robin Nilsson says:


  4. Malacite says:

    Well that was a disappointing series. 1st game was amazing at least.

  5. fckudave says:

    such disappointment

  6. vita6311 says:

    now, just waiting for first troll to say vipers are OP

  7. Sekair says:

    I hate that MMA basically threw Game 2 away like that, he could have at
    least set up some tanks or mines, something to keep the roaches back for
    his bio to come into play.

    I haven’t seen MMA in a while, but he played atrociously, that was just sad
    to watch after Game 1

  8. Youngsup Bae says:

    why can’t I watch players?
    why do I have to watch you casters?
    what’s matter with you guys?
    i want to watch the winner and the loser.

  9. Ryan Martin says:

    why are the suvs wearing sombraros

  10. Santiago Machado says:

    When the opening theme played for that short span, I quickly checked my
    other windows to see if any other video had gone playing xD

  11. DerMenschLp says:

    I played sc2 online for the first time…got completely destroyed. Still
    enjoy watching though

  12. Venim850 says:

    wizard hats?

  13. asorlon1 says:

    all this zerg had to do was make mutalisks, and kill all the vikings and
    mass muta.. he would had won the game

  14. John Rupees says:

    Mech is so OP vs Zerg :(

  15. YIC says:

    LOL the random intro music

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