25 comments on “MMA vs. MC – Semifinal – WCS Europe Season 2 – StarCraft 2”

  1. SeriousBlank says:

    0:35:20 What kind of audience is that? are they taking a nap? Oo

  2. Goku King Jr. says:

    why wasn’t I born korean so I could be good at video games?

  3. Djo hokin says:

    ☻/ This is Bob . Copy and paste him
    /▌ all over Youtube
    / \ so he can take over and take down Google+

  4. xandi says:

    why they have 2 headphones? xd

  5. RAFALAKOSS says:

    emotionless players … Stupid 

  6. Jonathon Swider says:

    So because someone turns a word with a legitimate meaning ( as used in the
    cast) into a racial slur then no one can use it legitimately anymore?
    People need to stop looking for offense in every statement public
    personalities make.

  7. zodaarsen says:

    just a mouse with six bottons

  8. Yappityyapp says:

    I absolutely love MC’s post match interview. It was 100% awesome

  9. YukariMAiG says:

    MC is so funny in the interview, awesome. XD

  10. necrom21221 says:

    Ikr someone on ESPN got fired for that remark on his article when that
    asian basketball player was doing good for the NY Knicks.

  11. Simon Bergeron-Noël says:

    i would just love to see you trying to pronounce french words

  12. wbcfox says:

    dayum… the boss toss gained some boss weight…

  13. Anh Tuan says:

    tks alot, we really need comments like yours!

  14. Lucent ルーセント says:

    Terran is really not good in TvP, you need to stay up todate more :p

  15. rajesh180492 says:

    @ddbgwly yeah thats what everyones been saying also! man you would probably
    enjoy this online game –> bit.ly/16YlRKd?=ycsst

  16. crazylee1332 says:

    apollo’s also a sick caster in this series, what are u talking about

  17. Rocksparadox From the blocks says:

    That really has nothing to do with THEIR casting. What are you talking

  18. mk7871 says:

    I wonder why…

  19. robbify50 says:

    ur an idiot

  20. eziokrzysztof says:

    Anyone know what the song is in the beginning? X3 0:00:00 to 0:00:10 ?

  21. Andrew Loo says:

    the casters ask weird questions lol

  22. DaBro231 says:

    he is also a really good Protoss player

  23. Dante Chiesa says:

    i was about to make a hate comment toward you, but then awk

  24. Joshua Domino says:

    SPOILER: The Zerg Win

  25. Timothy Retter says:

    Why do you care when the game starts when there’s 12 minutes of awkward?
    Its that special kind of awkward that is fun to watch…When MC was asked
    why he played zerg he responded ‘I like the way lings run across the
    map’….fucking comedy gold

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