19 comments on “MMA vs. NaNiwa – Group C Ro16 – WCS Europe Season 2 – StarCraft 2”

  1. NemesisAggression says:

    Dark Templar*

  2. NemesisAggression says:

    At the end did mma stim all of his army to kill that observer near his cc? ?? I saw that some units in the bacm was stimed

  3. guitarnublet says:

    NaNiwa played as sick good as MMA played poorly. Still, if NaNiwa could find a way to consistently reach this level he could be a serious threat for the Koreans.

  4. NirBaller says:


  5. Christoffer Lindström says:

    lol yeah right…

  6. MrRoage says:

    Welmu is best EU/Foreign toss.

  7. rednas2901 says:

    my god mma threw that 2nd game

  8. xMikenugex says:

    naniwa still best foreign toss 

  9. RevanII93 says:

    Good play from naniwa, but mma really played bad… lost every engagement, never dodged a single storm…

  10. trifio5242 says:

    mma played like a diamond level…i don’t recognize him at all…

  11. esk6a says:

    Nani is a beast!

  12. Troy Solly says:

    10:20 first game

  13. Ardonn says:

    Epic play from Nani

  14. insight1337 says:

    lackluster play from MMA

  15. tuoljg says:


  16. Dahlia Lilyan says:


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