25 comments on “MMA vs Sage”

  1. danilegal8 says:

    more games of this tournament please!

  2. bami2 says:

    Sage goes in all the fields

  3. Jon Snow says:

    apm spam

  4. Jamie Nordli says:

    Goon. Clearly a joke, which is funnier because you didnt get it.

  5. Josue Rafael says:

    NO ES SAGE!!! ES SASE!!!!!! CARAJO!!!!!!

  6. Xarkgaming says:

    And you’re butthurt.

  7. GNINJA90 says:

    :I You’re a Cunt.

  8. Safmaster14 says:

    Husky + Lunch = best start to the day ever

  9. ijnfrt says:

    Eastern Europe,Ukraine never heard of “Schmopp”, sounds like a name of some dog breed, rather then a racist term to me =/

  10. PesarTarofi says:

    Dont get lazy with the titles husky

  11. TheGImp1214 says:

    That was a gift from blizzard? I had no idea.

  12. Zeratul723 says:

    Might of the Protoss….

  13. Sahuagin says:

    If he isn’t then it would be nice if he did, but on the other hand it would also probably come with responsibilities that would need to be met, so it may not necessarily be desirable in that sense.

  14. Paxton171 says:

    MLG Dallas

  15. mrFishball1992 says:

    like if u wan husky to cast every single game in the tournament so that we can have more lunch time 😉

  16. Will Brannon says:


  17. Esse Suzumebachi says:

    “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8….so 17!” – Husky 2013

  18. Cazmeus says:

    what was the last big tournament husky casted?

  19. fenrirbr says:

    that awkward moment when protoss have to deal with new HOTS strategies with only WOL units. It’s kinda shitty that if protoss don’t go air the only new thing is the Core, which did almost nothing here (like most times I see when it’s not skipped)

  20. morrow71 says:

    This is every single TvP I play. Trying to harrass. Trying to do drops. Every one shut down until protoss has a death ball and a-moves and wins.

  21. Kresteks says:

    more Liquid Teaja GAMES!

  22. justMeck says:

    I’m from Lithuania I’m 24 years old and I’ve never heard about word “schmopp”. So, I’m really interesting where this knowlede came from, dr00p42? I have to say that I don’t know if it’s same in Poland because our languages are really diffrent.

  23. Tim Tang says:

    what tournament etc. was that?

  24. Shopenhauer2 says:

    Many Koreans hotkey their Command Center, Nexus or Hatchery to all the available hotkeys just for fun. I suppose it has some sort of meaning to their play, but as the game progresses they change their hotkeys. They just hold the Control button and slide their finger through all the numbers at the top of the keyboard as a mantra at the start of every game and then they type the “GLHF”

  25. PureBrawler says:

    I read this comment before I saw the cast, and when he said it and mentioned it’s probably really racist I laughed hysterically

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