21 comments on “MMA vs. Snute – Quarterfinal Ro8 – WCS Europe 2014 Season 1 – StarCraft 2”

  1. Malacite says:

    MMA is a beast. 

  2. M. Akgul says:

    I d just rage quit vs MMA seeing so many drops 🙂

    So annoying seeing that from the zergs perspective :((((

    but first game was picture perfect played out. congratz

  3. Maru #1 Fanboy says:

    the power of MMA

  4. Achoo says:

    “creep spread, it can win you games Shaun”…lol

  5. hans meier says:

    as much a i wanted snute to win this, MMA is the way better player. way
    better. especially the last game was not good from snute. 11 drones at the
    production tab when blue flame attack is incoming? no roach warren, no
    spines. come on.

  6. Jani A Jani says:

    Black hair is MMA?MMA is best

  7. AlveolarNasal says:

    MMA so good!

  8. Natalie Zeifman says:

    White RA being a boss handing out chips and drinks 😀 Also MMA’s English
    improving. Nice. :)

  9. wadamang says:

    Snutes apm was at 840 at 54:53

  10. Konstantin W says:


  11. Andy Sunday says:

    Snute just not at his level, MMA is on MDMA jajaja 

  12. silverstrings gia says:

    apollo is really annoying.please change him with day 9 or tod.

  13. arimanno74 says:

    The Terran perfect game (1° game).

  14. 001Sparkie says:

    First game starts 16:24

  15. kgstanaz says:

    Alert spoiler

    No foreign hope left• NA and EU sucks… Koreans just dominating…

  16. Dawid Pustkowiak says:


  17. kit burns says:


  18. Zhenia N says:

    Snute #1 anyway

  19. Schnedev2013 says:


  20. FreeD WooD says:

    First game starts around 17.00

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