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  1. nutnfancy says:

    Intended for an FCLE and responsible audience, Officer Jared shows us some
    serious fighting techniques here. Sport fighting, aka MMA or UFC is fun to
    watch and no doubt the guys that are good at it are BA, ripped, and tough.
    But you may be surprised to find out that MMA techniques, habits, and rules
    may get a dude hurt bad with there’s a real street fight. Examples given!
    I will post this part 2 first, watch it lots and part 1 will shortly
    follow. Enos seems like a cool dude too.

  2. blackjackomfg says:

    Lmao nutnfancy stick to knife reviews this is a joke…

  3. MAlford65 says:

    About freakin’ time! :D

  4. Glutton4Punishment says:

    There is a LOT of good information here, but it doesn’t do much good to
    compare MMA in my opinion. As OJ stated, you will fight the way you train
    so you must train how you want to fight. The thing about this that needs to
    be expanded on is that you NEED to train against a RESISTING opponent for
    this to hold true. If you don’t, then when the stress level gets high and
    adrenaline is going, all of your technique will FALL APART. MMA fighters
    don’t have any issue with adapting to this stress because they ALWAYS train
    to do what they do against resisting opponents with full contact. The issue
    arises that things like groin kicks, biting, eye gouging, and head butting
    CAN NOT be trained safely with full contact against resistance. It doesn’t
    take more than a few minutes to learn to execute these attacks as
    effectively as you can without being able to use them in full contact
    training, so in essence an MMA fighter can easily be every bit as effective
    with these techniques as somebody training like OJ. When it comes down to
    it, the styles that are generally studied before jumping into the ring/cage
    have more in common with what OJ is covering here than they do differences.
    All it would take is some COMMON SENSE to turn MMA training into something
    that’s EQUALLY effective outside the ring.

  5. gattology30cal says:

    A word of caution here: Hitting someone with a “closed” knife brings the
    same criminal charge against you as cutting someone with the blade: Its
    still assault with a deadly weapon either way. Jarred, as a police officer
    should know this. If you are introducing a knife into a fight and its that
    bad of a situation, then use that tool for what it is designed to do, which
    is cutting. If you want an impact weapon, then carry one of those instead,
    and you will be better off if you have to legally defend yourself
    afterwards. The same applies to firearms. If you pistol whip someone with
    your handgun instead of shooting them, its still assault with a deadly
    weapon when you could have used an ASP, a yawara stick, a tactical
    flashlight or a tactical pen.

  6. MAlford65 says:

    What knife does OJ have? I saw the retention ring on it and thought it
    might be one of those tacticool DART knives.

  7. Urriola35 says:

    lmao this guy is a joke

  8. Will Smith says:

    Having over 15 years of (mixed martial arts) experience I agree with a lot
    of what this video points out. But before you start focusing on the self
    defense techniques discussed in this video, anyone and everyone should
    start with modern jiu jitsu. Modern jiu jitsu really is the meat and
    potatoes of all martial arts, meaing its the most effective. Once you have
    the fundamentals of jiu jitsu it will be the one most helpful technique to
    build the rest of your self defense techniques from. You cant imagine the
    advantage I have over others with my jiu jitsu training when it comes to
    knife defense and force on force weapons training. You wont be able to just
    go to one or two jiu jitsu classes to become proficient, it will take about
    a year to two years. But once you do become proficient with the basics it
    will be life changing for self defense.

  9. I'm Batman says:

    I’d rather learn Krav Maga than MMA.

  10. meyodasan says:

    I think someone might break their pinkie doing the eye slice, but I like
    the thumb to the eye & headbutt. The advantage of mma training is that
    you’re training against resisting opponents, seeing and reacting to a
    real-time, unpredictable opponent, and you can actually execute the
    techniques. MMA fitness is also hard to beat. If you want to be a lion, you
    have to train with lions. MMA fighters are more likely to win a
    streetfight, because they’ve actually fought people who were trying to hurt
    them. I recommend doing some MMA training and sparring, but then learning
    the headbutts, eye gouges, and kicks to the groin.

  11. Bones says:

    I have to object to the production of this video, and I would like if it
    were removed.

    The content and philosophy of the video is mostly accurate, and the
    instructor seems like a level headed guy, but the problem is that you
    absolutely can not learn to properly defend yourself without dedicated
    training, and trying to convince people that they can learn these
    complicated and advanced techniques and philosophies from a 30 minute
    youtube video does more harm than good.

    As a martial arts instructor I’ve seen the damage these videos do
    personally. People come in for training full of pre-conceived ideas about
    how fights work because they spent a day or 2 on youtube, and even if they
    are watching decent videos, there’s no way they are learning the core
    foundational stuff all of these techniques are built on. They use the wrong
    stuff in the wrong situations because they misinterpreted a video that
    promised them some sort of martial skill, and if they are using it wrong in
    my class then they are also using it wrong on the street.

    If you want to actually be prepared to defend yourself in a fight then you
    should look into studying real martial arts, like the guys in the video

  12. Onus News Service says:

    The best fighting technique is to have 3 or 4 friends who can lay in wait
    and then sucker punch your opponent. When your opponent is on the ground
    and dazed, multiple people should kick him in the head while someone shouts
    “worldstar”. After he is knocked unconscious, stomp him a few extra times
    for good measure and try to find a black guy to say “you got knocked the
    fuck out”.
    Hopefully someone will have filmed the entire incident vertically and will
    post to YT

  13. Kakunapod says:

    Lol nutn you like the fucking curb, dont you? haha

  14. Zavier Lucaino says:

    Any smart Mma fighter knows the difference. And someone with real training
    will not need to use their finger nails or kick in the balls. Lolol

  15. Robert Reynolds says:

    Stick to gun reviews this is total bs and unsubstantiated. I train with a
    mm amateur and he knows the difference between the street and matches

  16. Lenny Lara says:

    I can appreciate the context of the video. I would also disagree with some
    aspects. I won’t tout personal experiences, but I would say just look at
    the facts before sanctioning in MMA was apart of the sport. We brought
    numerous street fighters into the fold, as well as special forces soldiers
    (specifically in the early days of the UFC) to compete and be tested in as
    close to no holds barred forum against trained MMA pro’s and they were
    always quickly beat. There was no single SF or “street fighter” that could
    compete on that level. The rules of MMA now change things, but fundamentals
    of true hand to hand combat remain, if you have never trained or competed
    and been tested in a street environment this is all subjective. Add in
    weapons and obv that changes things, pure hand to hand at a high level will
    always be dominated by a MMA trained fighter. The stats speak for
    themselves regardless of demos.

  17. OutlawUniverse says:

    Back when I was in high school in the 80s I was pretty badass at fighting.
    I was doing my own version of how an MMA fighters might fight. Pretty
    much I could kick anyones ass. But only because I developed my own way of
    fighting. If I was a teenager TODAY I’d probably be getting my ass kicked.
    Kids just didn’t know how to fight when I was a kid.

    If you want to win now you have to fight like this guy is showing. You
    will have to really do some serious and permanent damage if you want to
    defend yourself today. Best bet is to avoid fighting as much as possible.
    Even if you win you lose. Just carry and prevent a fight all together. 

  18. Beastly Man says:

    I’ve trained jiu jitsu most of my life. (13 years) and something I learned
    is there is absolutely no rules in fighting. Bite, scratch, kick, do
    whatever it takes to beat the opponent. If you need to rip the guys balls
    off or poke him in the eye. Do it! There is no ring or judge.

  19. sf len says:

    totally agree with the – if your grappling and someone steps in even for 1
    hit it can end everything.

    and so many other ways that things can go wrong when people dont play by
    the rules that others think are needed.

    even in mma fights you see so many scenarios where a elbow to the spine or
    neck could end the fight but they cant do it. they cant because of rules.

    add a weapons such as a knife to that and the fact that someone cant hit
    you hard from the bottom like in mma becomes a non-issue.

    good video nutinfancy. 

  20. moujik says:

    “Reality” based martial arts have a place teaching some useful stuff to
    someone fast. Someone who only practices them is not the equal of a
    wrestler, boxer, kickboxer, BJJ guy, or judoka, let alone a well rounded
    MMA guy in any kind of weaponless fight. It is what it is. Read up on the
    history of judo and BJJ for some examples of arts loaded with “deadly”
    techniques failing miserably against a “sport” style. The crux of the issue
    is that you can’t train maiming techniques without actually maiming people.
    If you can’t actually train them the way you will use them, and if they
    don’t fit within a framework of use, you will not be able to effectively
    use them when the time comes..

  21. mrmpossible says:

    watching that guy throw “punches” at the bag gave me a deep laugh. he was
    slapping the bag if you want to learn how to slap and shank a person you
    should take lessons from a pimp it will cost you less. just because you
    were a cop does not mean you are qualified to teach self defense. the
    reason why you want to take self defense from a person with fight
    experience is because in the process of training for the fight they have
    the opportunity to try the techniques they are teaching. win or loose they
    develop an understanding of how effective a technique is against a trained
    opponent. trust me if it works on a trained fighter it will work in the
    street. cops are taught to use overwhelming force and are armed with batons
    tazers and guns which they employ much more often than eye gouging or groin
    strikes which you see more often in street fights. you act differently when
    you know you opponent can shoot you, the same rules do not apply and that
    is no rules. the reason why you don’t see eye gouges and fishhooks is not
    because we don’t know how to use them it’s because they are illegal. we
    clean it up for the crowd nobody wants to pay to see somebody get blinded
    its and unfair comparison to pit street fighting against mma. That being
    said i know ten white belts that would mop the floor with that fool.
    training in hand to hand takes decades to master most of the fighters you
    see in the cage on tv have trained for the better part of ten years. the
    average bjj black belt takes 10 years. Be careful with some of these self
    defense schools. the reason they hate on mma is because they know they
    don’t have the skills or courage to step into the cage so they throw stones
    and says it’s not effective in the “street”. the funny part is we train the
    cops because the department does not put. I train with a bunch of co
    emphasis on hand to hand.

  22. Wraithiss says:

    Implying that MMA training might not be the best self defense training
    available is fair enough… But it is clearly better than nothing, and in
    defensive scenario, it’s likely better than most (if not all) other martial
    arts styles… Perhaps I missed the purpose of the video.

  23. Shred Hard says:

    I carry my my smith and Wesson m&p with me at all times. Nobody messes with
    me dude. Damn grandma took my parking spot the other day.. got out of my
    truck and pistol whipped her then moved her car. Lesson learned? don’t
    carry revolvers 

  24. daboodeef179 says:

    Taiji all the way bro. Used to think Taiji was a joke, but once I started
    doing it. man, real traditional Taiji is extremely effective. I believe
    that all martial arts, if practiced properly, are no better than another.
    But honestly, for me Taiji is an exception. It’s principles and
    techniques are genius.

  25. IllumiNada says:

    I loved the video as a martial arts survival primer, and I think Jared and
    Enos seem first rate. But, it bothers me to hear officers get any enjoyment
    out of injuring someone. Again, love the video; Jared and Enos are
    great…. just saying.

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