25 comments on “MMA vs Surfers ARROWS selection TAG team 2 vs 2 in Russian”

  1. Dee Aye says:

    daymmm… that crazy they actually put them against eachother.. some asssss

  2. 19bootsy68 says:

    I’m all for mma and if you look at the top cage fighting orgs the Russians
    fighters are doing great especially in the UFC but please fighting in sand,
    where are the Russians going to think of next… fighting on a bouncy castle
    up a tree?

  3. Geoffrey Smith says:

    Couldn’t tell who was mma at the second fight…

  4. TorontoMMA says:

    lmfao MMA fighters vs 2 dudes who watch to much UFC and think they can
    throw down wit the big boys

  5. BlackSkorpyo7 says:

    *they don’t know to fight*

  6. Cmonutube says:

    Lol. Surfers vs MMA fighters? GOLLY GEE I WONDER WHO’LL WIN????!!!

  7. Massy Biagio says:

    I love russian mafia

  8. Juan Manuel says:

    jaja patethic 

  9. Paul Ransom says:

    Funny how he hugs the other loser instead of the guy that whoops his ass at
    the end. lol 2:40

  10. TheAlexmercer360 says:

    its mma,plain and simple mma.

  11. Artur Kirillov says:

    love russians :)

  12. Dorado MMA says:

    That’s what us men consider quality time…just beating the fuck outta

  13. TheAlexmercer360 says:

    I have complete and utter respect for these guys,but,their striking needs a
    lots of work,they could do a whole lot better if they had trained boxing or
    MT or karate under a well reputed gym.

  14. Flippity Floppity says:

    i like how russians are so much more down to fight 1 on 1 like men. we
    could use more of that shit here in california. 

  15. joseph watson says:

    I want to see someone trained in krav maga in that awkward hugging on the
    floor thing they had in the first fight. Two fingers straight in there
    eyes, flip them round and end um on top with your forearm on their throat.
    Not a reall judge of fighting ability really is it. Claims to be a ‘street
    fight’ but is just being violent for the sake of it. Quite barbaric

  16. Jerry Lima says:

    Gays… in Brazil we fight much better than this..

  17. fightnight909 says:

    This is why mma will never be better than boxing.

  18. Alexei Ivanovich says:

    It’s not sport, its classic streetfight. Its not near MMA, and these guys
    have 0 skill. Classic streetfight rushing. I know that.

  19. Jonathan Anzures says:

    that was not mma. wow. im so glad they keep using the term. that way idiots
    on the street dont know whats coming

  20. erdene oyuka says:


  21. spdzne says:

    I’d have an eye packed full of sand right off the bat lmao

  22. partybiscuit says:

    Fighting is exhausting anyway – fighting on sand…urgh.

  23. Liam Kelly says:

    it was so very unsurprising to see that leglock come from a russian dude.
    sambo strong.

  24. domi says:

    retards, all of them

  25. Kick Wolver says:

    MMA? Donde?

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