24 comments on “MMA vs. YoDa (TvT) – Grand Final – WCS Europe 2014 Season 3 – StarCraft 2”

  1. Zoidbergpython says:

    Who would have thought, two terrans in a final? so much for all the
    ‘protoss op’ bs

  2. Martin Latour says:

    Starcraft 2 Grand Finals, bout 20 people in a studio lol

  3. Taylor Skeels says:


  4. Rick Hunter says:

    Innovation Blizzcon Champion

  5. Steven M says:

    All I have to say about game 1 is wow… Gonna re watch that game at least
    2 more times. And after seeing it I’m guessing it was mma 4-0 but I haven’t
    seen the rest of the games 🙂 go go go ! 

  6. Léandre BG says:

    360p? really?

  7. So magical says:

    ul yoda, fair play mma 

  8. Venim850 says:

    Why put a Reaper at the Xel Naga Tower on patrol instead of hold position?
    What is the benefit of that?

  9. AlveolarNasal says:

    Thanks for posting this ESL TV. I fell asleep during the 3rd game since I
    live in Bangkok, Thailand and it’s like 3 am. Now I can re-watch this.

  10. applekumi says:

    랜덤이었어 ㅋㅋ

  11. PokerJoker811 says:

    What a delightfully awkward victory celebration from the champ.

    But, (SPOILER)

    I suppose after doing it that many times, you wanna have fun and mix it up
    some more with the ceremonies.

  12. daniel ZHAO says:

    nice to see yoda has success in tournaments.

  13. iAmT LessD says:

    True champ spirit. MMA deserves this 100 times

  14. TheDeeTV says:

    GG’s WP MMA and Yoda

  15. Psystar100 says:


  16. Thrano says:

    Goddammnit MMA. That’s all I have.

  17. XiaoLong West says:

    lol 14:00 or so, is that a Korean version of adjutant or whatever saying
    “not enough minerals” ?

  18. Blobbejaan Blob says:

    That first game was insane but actually the whole series was a blast.
    Thanks ESL for this great tournament. Congrats to MMA and runner up YODA.

  19. moseyo tam says:

    nice to see the prize money for our players has been “upgraded” from
    $10k-first/$4k-second to $25k-first/$15k-second. this is more “balanced”
    prize distribution i guess.

  20. Ben Hyle says:

    I never thought I’d be excited for a TvT, but here I am, conflicted as to
    who I want to win.

  21. CrookedKing says:

    dat weak ass handshake doe.

  22. Ben Lee says:

    does a PDD stop HSM hits? likewise mass PDDs block the splash?

  23. MerlynMusicman says:

    AT LAST ;D Bring on the SC2!

  24. socca blau says:

    one of the hosts, is that vitaly? the (do you even lift) guy? 

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