25 comments on “MMA with Ottavia Bourdain: Fightland.com”

  1. cannes berges says:

    she’s Italian and she’s far from a mail order bride!

  2. cannes berges says:

    she’s hot.athletic women are so attractive

  3. Michael K says:

    Better than sitting at home, getting fat, watching jerry springer.

  4. Justin Pack says:

    Sounds like she says wee man when she says women.

  5. vargarna87 says:

    Very taff indeed

  6. DonBusk says:

    209 NICK DIAZ SPOTTED Alert Alarm Warning Stockton bitch

  7. Brian Peppers says:

    in the gyms not really any but in actual events and competitions could depend on how many you’ve done or how bad of a beating you got but no worries because i dont know any ufc or k1 fighter that stutters. In fact the only fighter that stutters that i know of is mike tyson but he’s a boxer and they get blows to the head on the daily

  8. Edgar Fajardo says:

    This woman is cool.

  9. begood20000 says:

    Speak for yourself

  10. begood20000 says:

    There is no striking in BJJ. No UFC champ stutters either.

  11. begood20000 says:

    I don’t care if you’re the best fighter in the world if a person has a knife you run. Only a stupid person with a big ego would try to fight someone with a knife

  12. begood20000 says:

    It makes you seem like a horrible person when you write comments like that.

  13. purplekillerpenguin says:

    shes awesome

  14. jamminout23 says:

    ***The Gracie family is enormous and surely the most lethal family on the planet!!

  15. TheMagicalTouch says:

    You can’t even get someone like her, keyboard samurai.

  16. boobio1 says:

    Holycrap what an ugly cunt.

  17. Christopher Cain says:

    yep from No Reservations

  18. MrFreddy61 says:

    she can train jitz all she wants but lets see if she can keep her cool when its dark out and some big mother fucker bum rushes her thats 200 pounds with a knife or bat shell get smashed easy

  19. Ilkka Richt says:

    BJJ is rather safe as there’s no striking. But everything depends on how cool are your training partners. My advice is just start and fall in love with jiujitsu! 🙂

  20. ImTehBrony says:

    Haha! Yeah it is. I was surprised too.

  21. gyubbi says:

    its that the chef guy?

  22. MrHydrobush says:

    1. theyre training in these clips, training in BJJ is meant to be slower more paced and thought-out.
    2. there’s an element of the male instinct where it’s pretty hard to exert aggressiveness towards a woman so even during the real thing most men will show constraint in a physical bout vs a female

  23. Todd Lee says:

    A few months from now it’d be on the news that she left Anthony bourdain for a trainer. Lol

  24. xdir says:

    Mouldering Gi’s is the sign of heavy training.

  25. theyear2041 says:

    On an unrelated note, Ottavia’s got some nice feet.

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