24 comments on “MMA ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!!”

  1. LordMastema says:

    This show wasnt as shitty as usual… I guess zombies do make everything better.

  2. Jax Teller says:

    Aldo checked in into the hospital so he couldn’t watch this sorry excuse of a video

  3. Skyrodude says:

    Dana and his ”Stfu” hahahaha

  4. AgostBry says:

    Machida: “Is chain kick boring? Is Hashad Face boring? Is drinking pee boring?”

  5. Mdrnsamurai says:

    After this show you can only hope that the Zombie Apocalypse arrives next Wednesday. I mean Thursday!

  6. tha1904 says:

    I see you weren’t infected by the zombie apocalypse so I guess you’ll be here annoying me again next week …

  7. mostkewl1 says:


  8. haza123b4 says:

    I actually fell asleep during this.

  9. StoneRhyno says:

    George Romero Jiu Jitsu was brilliant!

  10. Cheyenne Harden says:

    Zombie Chael on a zombie lion, fantastic!

  11. Idan Kesel says:

    LOL got piss?

  12. Harley Quintero says:

    GRRR ARRRGH! who would you rather be, Angel or Spike?

  13. TKOHendo says:


  14. w10438 says:

    If you were in The Walking Dead, I could see Rick putting you down the same as Sofia. Its bad enough you make this piece of shit, but leave TWD out of this shit storm! Shit!

  15. titoortiz says:

    Nate Diaz, give me a shut out you fucking asshole.

  16. LedMirKenpo says:

    machidas shirt says “got piss?” HAHAHAHA

  17. Krayzie Ninjistz says:

    “Seagal invite himself and eat all our lunch” Lmao

  18. jarvis edmond says:

    Tommy, I saw a skinny stray dog eat its own shit. It’s no different from watching your show when there’s no other shit to watch.

  19. myz32rocks says:

    I watched this to the soundtrack of 1985’s Return of the Living Dead while dancing naked in Resurrection Cemetery. Do you ever fantasize?

  20. Noah Mar says:


  21. emailadolfo says:

    Wow just wow.

  22. MsMarc1234 says:

    Just when I thought the Zombie Genre was over…

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