8 comments on “MMA:ITC #160 – “A Very Merry 100 Knockouts!!””

  1. Magnus Johansson says:

    Good video but move the fucking banner and make it smaller…jesus. It
    blocked half the ko’s

  2. Pedro Velasquez says:

    MMA is definitely getting more technical. I have so much respect for these
    guys as as a boxer. Underpaid, but still going out to fight.

  3. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    18:34 – whats bullshit and whats he say before getting knocked out,

  4. Jasmin Mujanovic says:

    the guy in the suit kinda looks like obama 

  5. Joshua Langer says:

    @8:30 HILARITY

  6. Billy Painter says:

    M.M.A. Inside the Cage with Casey Oxendine & Cyrus Fees – A Very Merry 100

    MMA: ITC #160- “A Very Merry 100 Knockouts!!”

  7. O2slomaro says:

    your giant ass banner/counter blocked a good portion of the action.

  8. Максим Корниенко says:

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