25 comments on “MMA’s Douchiest Moments”

  1. realnarutoboy says:

    Jon Jones eyepokes, Jon Jones dropping an unconscious Machida on his head,
    Jon Jones doing coke, Jon Jones going to rehab for a day, Jon Jones using
    illegal elbows against Hamill, Jon Jones and Cormier fake fighting, etc.

  2. tc4cfc says:

    Paul Daleys wasn’t douchey, Koschek was being a total cunt

  3. StreetsMakeHistory says:

    Α martial artist without respect is nothing 

  4. jess maynard says:

    Fantastic work KING! Haven’t been a sub for very long, but watched many of
    your older vids and I really look forward to your new ones. You really
    outdid yourself with this one. There is a ton of respect and sportsmanship
    in mma, and there is this……oh and obviously John Maroga has never heard
    a ref say protect yourself at all times, Willie Gates was polite enough to
    show him why. 

  5. TheAllstar22 says:

    I think a fine should be in order when someone doesnt release a hold when
    the ref stops it. I mean if I put someone in an armbar for example and they
    tap and the ref stops it and I keep putting pressure on it I can break the
    dudes arm putting him out of work for a while. It’s fucked up. Good montage
    tho. I dont really mind Bispings part vs Jorge Rivera…alot of shit was
    said before that fight.

  6. samjs721 says:

    You forgot the one with renzo Gracie

  7. WheresYour Beard says:

    if someone continues to fight even after they KNOW the fight is over, they
    should be banned from ever competing again

  8. Tyler Maguire says:

    Amazing video as always! 

  9. Mystiik - 2K15 Highlight Reel! says:

    Sometimes they should get arrested. When the match is over it is assault

  10. gtomx5 says:

    Daron Cruickshank vs. Ricky Stettner would have been a good one for this
    vid. Kruickshank hits him with a spinning backfist, and then poses next to
    him for a picture while he’s KO’d

  11. ethan199303 says:

    Another fantastic montage keep em coming

  12. Ashirkin says:

    Jon Jones true champion!)

  13. Cerezo Yambao says:

    Fuuck youuu *lift shirt up*

  14. chrome00 says:

    Ref told them to continue fighting and thats exactly what Willie Gates did.
    Moraga is an idiot.

  15. G05Box says:

    Where’s 183, where’s the king of this shit, WHERE’S DIAZ TAKING A POSE ON
    SILVA xD

  16. dsucof says:

    Shinya Aoki is a piece of shit. Never liked that little fucker.

  17. captainthrall says:

    No Nate Diaz giving the double-middle finger when he locked in a triangle?
    No diaz bros beating up Mayhem Miller after a fight?

  18. Nick Diaz says:

    Haha really if manny’s was douchey then every conor mcgregors fight should
    be on here but no he’s a fan favorite

  19. comface says:

    Seeing as you included Silva vs Vera, you could’ve added Couture vs Ortiz.

  20. Krzysztof Urban says:

    One of the best channels YouTube ever had!

  21. MattGamesAlot says:

    I don’t know if ‘douchiest’ is the correct term to use here. Maybe
    unsportsmanlike? Some of these fighters deserved what they got.

  22. TheSpanishzombie says:

    Could of made an whole video using Tito Ortiz lol, or jon jones

  23. TheSportsYahoo says:

    Ken Shamrock v Royce Gracie…UFC1.

  24. djvallfor2 says:

    Jon Jones is a real douche …but his fighting speaks for him

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