MMA’s Douchiest Moments

Compilation of some of the most douchey and classless moments in mma. Subscribe if you enjoyed. New videos are added all the time.

25 comments on “MMA’s Douchiest Moments”

  1. realnarutoboy says:

    Jon Jones eyepokes, Jon Jones dropping an unconscious Machida on his head,
    Jon Jones doing coke, Jon Jones going to rehab for a day, Jon Jones using
    illegal elbows against Hamill, Jon Jones and Cormier fake fighting, etc.

  2. tc4cfc says:

    Paul Daleys wasn’t douchey, Koschek was being a total cunt

  3. StreetsMakeHistory says:

    Α martial artist without respect is nothing 

  4. jess maynard says:

    Fantastic work KING! Haven’t been a sub for very long, but watched many of
    your older vids and I really look forward to your new ones. You really
    outdid yourself with this one. There is a ton of respect and sportsmanship
    in mma, and there is this……oh and obviously John Maroga has never heard
    a ref say protect yourself at all times, Willie Gates was polite enough to
    show him why. 

  5. TheAllstar22 says:

    I think a fine should be in order when someone doesnt release a hold when
    the ref stops it. I mean if I put someone in an armbar for example and they
    tap and the ref stops it and I keep putting pressure on it I can break the
    dudes arm putting him out of work for a while. It’s fucked up. Good montage
    tho. I dont really mind Bispings part vs Jorge Rivera…alot of shit was
    said before that fight.

  6. samjs721 says:

    You forgot the one with renzo Gracie

  7. WheresYour Beard says:

    if someone continues to fight even after they KNOW the fight is over, they
    should be banned from ever competing again

  8. Tyler Maguire says:

    Amazing video as always! 

  9. Mystiik - 2K15 Highlight Reel! says:

    Sometimes they should get arrested. When the match is over it is assault

  10. gtomx5 says:

    Daron Cruickshank vs. Ricky Stettner would have been a good one for this
    vid. Kruickshank hits him with a spinning backfist, and then poses next to
    him for a picture while he’s KO’d

  11. ethan199303 says:

    Another fantastic montage keep em coming

  12. Ashirkin says:

    Jon Jones true champion!)

  13. Cerezo Yambao says:

    Fuuck youuu *lift shirt up*

  14. chrome00 says:

    Ref told them to continue fighting and thats exactly what Willie Gates did.
    Moraga is an idiot.

  15. G05Box says:

    Where’s 183, where’s the king of this shit, WHERE’S DIAZ TAKING A POSE ON
    SILVA xD

  16. dsucof says:

    Shinya Aoki is a piece of shit. Never liked that little fucker.

  17. captainthrall says:

    No Nate Diaz giving the double-middle finger when he locked in a triangle?
    No diaz bros beating up Mayhem Miller after a fight?

  18. Nick Diaz says:

    Haha really if manny’s was douchey then every conor mcgregors fight should
    be on here but no he’s a fan favorite

  19. comface says:

    Seeing as you included Silva vs Vera, you could’ve added Couture vs Ortiz.

  20. Krzysztof Urban says:

    One of the best channels YouTube ever had!

  21. MattGamesAlot says:

    I don’t know if ‘douchiest’ is the correct term to use here. Maybe
    unsportsmanlike? Some of these fighters deserved what they got.

  22. TheSpanishzombie says:

    Could of made an whole video using Tito Ortiz lol, or jon jones

  23. TheSportsYahoo says:

    Ken Shamrock v Royce Gracie…UFC1.

  24. djvallfor2 says:

    Jon Jones is a real douche …but his fighting speaks for him

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