21 comments on “MMA/UFC fan disses Muhammad Ali in my comments”

  1. Ramsfan086 says:

    Im strictly an MMA fan and even i know Muhammad Ali was a legit badass boxer and is one of the few guys in history that can be called G.O.A.T

  2. playtime2468 says:

    who is the guy who said that

  3. FELVEN432 says:

    Great Video Bruce

  4. FELVEN432 says:

    Great Video Bruce

  5. Matt Long says:

    You should do an Ali v.Tyson video.

  6. misfit151 says:

    Ali is a fucking legend. I love MMA, and I have respect for all the athletes. but some fans and fighters have this sense of entitlement like no fucking other.

  7. The Lob Mob says:

    Soon as I watched the 1st few seconds of this video I thought about this video called “Boxing gloves vs MMA gloves – Which one hits harder?” Everyone should look this up on youtube & watch this, it may surprise people…


  8. Benjamin Grady says:

    Hi Bruce. I came here as a wrestling fan but I’m also a huge fan of boxing. Especially pre-Tyson heavyweight boxing. I was wondering if you could make some great boxing rivalry videos that are like your wrestling rivalry videos. Also, I agree with you that Ali is the greatest of all time, but I have heard many valid arguments that Rocky Marciano was the greatest of all time. I was wondering your opinion of Marciano and how he stacks up to Ali. Thanks for your time and keep up the good work.

  9. Mr101kingegypt says:

    Wow wtf dissing a legend

  10. SadWatermelon says:

    Obviously after 5000 punches to the face with the pillow you’ll break something ..

  11. elway0798 says:

    These young kids don’t respect the past when it comes to anything these days.. And in process make themselves look stupid by not knowing rule changes etc.. and the day & age..

  12. legendbucwild says:

    This from the same guy who went on the Silva post-fight video and cheered for John Cena? lol Obviously Ali had the strongest chin in boxing history and took punches that would’ve sent most of these UFC/MMA guys into retirement and still kept fighting. Whoever sent that to you either is trolling you or they just don’t know what they’re talking about.

  13. ItsBrand21Highlights says:

    Thank you Bruce. Great vid

  14. JohnzViewEnt says:

    damn right bruce!

  15. HawaiianMamba24 says:

    Pussy??? Any one in ufc would laugh at us in a fight.

  16. HawaiianMamba24 says:


  17. Charley WolfWynters says:

    antonio anoki has the best chin along with sgt. slaughter in wrestling.

  18. MrROcKMaN72511 says:

    Some people talk shit out of their asses I have done it from time to time and I’ve gotten my ass put in place.I’m glad you make videos because I get to learn the facts and truth about ALL sports.Don’t let these fools get to you man.

  19. Bloodreign1 says:

    Ali was a tougher man than these MMA guys, he didn’t need takedowns and kicks. No he’d punch you in the face and you’d take a nap, right after he danced around the punches you’d throw making you look like a fool in the ring. A prime Ali in a boxing environment would punish these MMA cats if they had to just punch the entire fight. I doubt they’d have the foot prowess to bob and weave and get their jabs in, all the while Ali would make them go to sleep and dream of fists.

  20. pokerus230 says:

    Boxing is clearly more painful and requires way more mental and physical strength. Greatest fighter to ever get into the ring. Also in the long rung.

  21. CharlsyBoi says:

    Schooled, very well said sir! He got BruceBlitzed!

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