Monday Morning Analyst (MMA), ep 3.: UFC on FOX 13 results, TUF 20 Finale results, Khan-Alexander…

UFC on FOX 13 results are in the books as are those for The Ultimate Fighter 20 Finale. MMA Fighting Senior Editor Luke Thomas will take a look at those events as well as boxing’s Ishe Smith…

25 comments on “Monday Morning Analyst (MMA), ep 3.: UFC on FOX 13 results, TUF 20 Finale results, Khan-Alexander…”

  1. MMAFightingonSBN says:

    Let’s recap all the action from +UFC ON FOX 13, TUF 20, Amir Khan-Devon
    Alexander and much more. 

  2. delatroy says:

    JDS and Diaz bros should retire. 

  3. Luke Thomas says:

    Ep 3 is up! +UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship results, a big #boxing
    recap and more. Watch, enjoy, share.

  4. blindbrad11 says:

    people actually thought rose would win, talk about mass deception on TUF,
    Carla is by far the better fighter and if you watched Invicta FC before you
    would know shes legit and would dominate the twig Thug.

  5. spike zero says:

    is the live stream really necessary ? the quality of the video really
    suffers from the poor streaming

  6. Oliver Robson says:

    Why should RDA get a title shot when he got rag dolled by a guy who hasnt
    fought for the title yet?

    Also JDS clearlllllly won that fight. Rogan was just hyping up Stipe the
    whole time.

    And he may have loads of ring rust, he was coming of an injury, is it
    really fair to automatically assume the cain fights were the issue? I think
    he was slow and stiff in the first couple of rounds and then loosened up,
    but obv being heavy weights they gassed by the time JDS was loose. Im
    calling ring rust and not damage. 


    is the mic not working properly or the streaming? 

  8. Logan says:

    There’s some serious audio issues, but love these new videos!

  9. therealmo says:

    🙁 luke thomas got into a fight with his wife and she kicked him out

  10. Falkner Blitz says:

    Monday morning? what are you in China?

  11. Matt Gaynor says:

    the channel is called MMAFightingonSBN …… boxing is not MMA.. ….. why
    waste so much time on it always …… Ariel never wastes our time on
    stupid boxing …… just saying …… boxing is rubbish and nobody cares
    about it

  12. Steve Chavez says:

    This is sunday nice wolf ticket title

  13. I Know Everything. Don't Reply. I Am 100 Percent Correct. says:

    I’m pissed that Carla won. JOANNA NEXT CHAMP!!! Let Khabib feed!!!

  14. Adam Saddique says:

    Love these, keep them up Luke!

  15. blindbrad11 says:

    bradley got robbed! Criminal judges! 

  16. imagsta33 says:

    what happen to the mma hour? this shit sucks

  17. ReasonExtremist says:

    oh shit, this is live

  18. Jack Wheatley says:

    thanks for the boxing talk, you got at least one viewer who appreciates it

  19. morofingo says:

    No more boxing talk, please.

  20. floydyes says:

    Monday Morning on an Sunday afternoon, lol!! #wooftickets 

  21. philrm99 says:

    Khan-Alexander was a one sided beat down.

  22. Nick Diaz says:

    my tab says “monday morning anal” hahaha

  23. Hero vincent says:

    I would love to see waterson put on 10lbs and completely rape the division

  24. The Philosoraptor says:

    28:04 … That’s why you’re most likely here.

  25. JVS Reefs says:

    Is this on iTunes? 

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