25 comments on “More TRT Debate After Antonio Silva’s Drug Test Failure on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. LillyWanye says:

    Antonio Bigjuice Silva…

  2. jeff pope says:

    either no ones allowed trt or everyone is. take it out and if you have
    lowered levels then its on you and maybe its a sign saying you shouldnt
    fight anymore

  3. Josip Vrbanec says:

    You paid the doctor to take care of your health doctor must do for what is

  4. Anuz urjy says:

    get rid of that ugly bald guy,,,

  5. Kbarn35 says:

    Im trippin my balls off right now and Robin my man you are a great analyst
    and a great entertainer!

  6. Lopata991 says:

    I wonder what doctor prescribed Arianny Celeste to get those sweet
    hooters…Probably Silicone :D

  7. peka400 says:

    TrT is horrible for this sport, the stuff should be outlawed. If you cant
    preform at an optimal level and contend for the title without it, maybe its
    time to change careers or retire

  8. RUDGAR RUD says:

    you go to a doctor to a have stable tst level and he performs crap for a
    job. they should have a ufc doctor that can regulate levels as they should
    be in that case. i mean, come on. he was told his levels were low! or if
    not a designated ufc fortune teller so they dont fuck up! i hope he wins
    his lawsuit against that doctor. sticks his foot way up his ass.

  9. Nola213 says:

    Just stop with the TRT. The majority of fighter’s getting exemptions are
    either A) too old to be wanting to fight like they are in their prime (be
    realistic for all that experience you’ve gained fighting 20 years, there
    has to be a drawback, that being your a little slower) or B) They’ve been
    caught using Banned PED’s in the past. Or C) both A and B in many cases. So
    to me TRT is nonsense, get rid of it.

  10. AJ De Fazio says:

    TRT Is Horrible For MMA

  11. Peter Nguyen says:

    Willieker and Thompson fight is going to be intense O _O

  12. Jeremiah Ortega says:


  13. pewpewetc says:

    TRT is bullshit ..shouldn’t be allowed full stop …if you cant compete at
    the top level without injecting stuff into yourself you do not deserve to
    be there…same goes for people cutting down to like 2 weight classes than
    they should be total bullshit (weigh ins should be the day of the fight

  14. ta0paipai says:

    “Who comes with a pro record of 11-9-2… can’t wait”
    Appreciate the sarcasm.

  15. S. Brock says:

    Has Robin ever wore the same shirt twice?

  16. Lopata991 says:

    John Pollock: ”Not to cut you off”…*cuts him off*. Looks like he took
    advice from Kanye :D

  17. JediMindTrikkz says:

    loved the news buakaw and whittaker and peds

  18. Burrito9159 says:


  19. Maverik says:

    Fire ramdeen he makes the show lame

  20. 37robles says:

    I feel for Bigfoot. The man trusted a doctor who even the UFC goes through
    so you would think their advice would be legit and in accordance to the
    rules. Really hope he can prove it wasn’t his fault in court. It’d be a
    shame for something like this to tarnish that classic fight.

  21. Burrito9159 says:

    Who cares about his TRT, it didn’t help him!
    Every man in the has a different TRT level!

  22. mx6dave says:

    “Fight news now, which tests clean every day!” haha I laughed

  23. IHACKER316 says:

    Brilliant video 

  24. Bobby Cullari says:


  25. KillasLos says:

    great news as always guys .

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