15 comments on “Mvp vs. MMA – Group A Ro16 Decider – WCS Europe 2014 Season 1 – StarCraft 2”

  1. lukaszepesi says:

    I’m a fan of MMA so I’m glad he made it I hope he can perform better in the
    Ro. 8 like he said because losing to europeans is not acceptable ;).

  2. Malacite says:

    @20:00 OK, that’s something I’ve never seen before (or thought to do) and
    it’s actually bit jarring lol but there are 2 ground-mode vikings inside
    the medivac.

    *head asplode*

  3. hflvx says:

    Sad to see one of them has to leave this early… Big fan of both MMA and

  4. fckudave says:


  5. Team_solidtS-Jad says:

    There are spoilers below.


  6. Dawei LIU says:

    last game is really great !

  7. Frankdablack says:

    Battle of the kings :O

  8. Muhammad Hadiq Duiputra says:

    big fan of mvp, pretty sad to see him stopped in ro 16 :(.
    hope he will comeback to dominate sc2 scene like before though 

  9. HITTMAN123445 says:


  10. VetleRB says:

    what was that bandaid thing? lol

  11. Hayden Roberts says:

    Two of my favorites! And here I was trying to get to sleep. 

  12. Sturmbannfuhrer2 says:

    Wish both of them got through 

  13. FreeD WooD says:

    Nooo! THis was supposed to happen in the finals!!

  14. Gromst3rr says:

    YAY !!! MMA!!!! YAY MVP!!! love the plays, love the casts! thanks for much

  15. Tan man says:

    please stop casting todd.

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