6 comments on “My MMA Pro Debut @ UBX”

  1. Kiboobayazawa boyka says:

    It’s always a pleasure to see your fight bro, you’re a big motivation for me bro 😉
    you’re very strong, you’re the best….very good punch, and very good ground and pound !!!!
    keep up the hard training Fauzie bro 😉 congratz !!!!! see ya =D

  2. chrischungvlog says:

    damn! explosive debut bro! dude looks dead at the end!! CRUSHHEDD

  3. Sufian Hakim says:


  4. Stuart Jones says:

    I hope that guys arm is fucking broken! :-D FAUZIE KRUSHER!!!

  5. MrrrGr8 says:

    Great fight man… You smashed it….

  6. cypresshill mehdi says:

    haha………good job bro….just dont do it to me next time we spar….well done ,,,LOUD AND PROUD..

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