Nate Marquardt on Strikeforce Title Defense Against Saffiedine + Return to the UFC

MMA HEAT’s Karyn Bryant talks with Strikeforce Welterweight Champ Nate Marquardt and hears what he has to say about his upcoming title defense against Tarec Saffiedine, which will take place at the final Strikeforce show on January 12, 2013. Nate also talks about returning the the UFC after being released, if he feels he has to overcome any stigma and his training in Denver. Karyn Bryant has been nominated 2012 MMA Journalist of the Year in the World MMA Awards. Please take a minute to vote for her: – Thank you! Be sure to visit for more interviews and MMA content. Nós falamos Português! * We’re on Facebook * Follow MMAHEAT on Twitter: * Follow Karyn on Twitter:

25 comments on “Nate Marquardt on Strikeforce Title Defense Against Saffiedine + Return to the UFC”

  1. Bartholomew Simpson says:

    Holy fucking shit, Before nate even spoke i was thinking “His first words are going to be “uh, you know”, and surprise, this meathead juicing mongoloid spit them out as predicted.

  2. TheJeepxj17 says:

    Nate on the cover of muscle fitness was a freeeeaaak

  3. SteelFlexRambo says:

    What are you talking about he was one of the top middle weights in the UFC.

  4. AKAL1lROB541 says:

    This guy is a bad rep for the sport hope he never wins the belt….. cant stand guys who use steroids especially those who get caught twice using them!

  5. ghostKurt says:

    I never thought Nate could ever make 170.

  6. Edin55156236 says:

    I dont want to see gsp vs Nate Marq…He was in the ufc and couldnt even get to the top so he just goes to easier organisation and now he should get GSP?

  7. signboyy says:

    gsp will ground and pound nick diaz the entire fight or until he gets the ground and pound tko.

    in the condit fight gsp had fast takedowns which he has always had but his ground and pound is even more viscious than in the past.

  8. signboyy says:

    i want to see him fight gsp before nick diaz or hendricks get their shots

  9. armoglz23 says:

    I would like to see nate fight rory

  10. OsamaBinLadenx says:

    Gsp is a fag french frog canadien biatch. Nick diaz is going to beat that frenchy to a bloody pulp

  11. Amuro Ray says:


  12. GodWontSaveU says:

    i can almost guarantee after Gsp defends his belt 10 time. He will step down for a anderson silva fight, and Rory will become “the man”.

  13. elvis32z says:

    clean fighter

  14. samjs721 says:

    Lol sorry. By the way Are you hot?

  15. fawn knudsen says:

    Miss Perfect.

    Miss Perfect. I am a girl. How many men have you met in the past that have been named “fawn”?

  16. samjs721 says:

    If you say so mr perfect.

  17. fawn knudsen says:

    A bigot would be a summary label. I apologize.

  18. ifkch03z says:

    Thank you ve-very much

  19. samjs721 says:

    Lol nope. It has been used by other before me. I have nothing. Against dudes that enjoy pleasuring other dudes

  20. fawn knudsen says:

    Oh, for a second there I thought you were a bigot. But it appears you are assigning the term “faggot” for “dumbasses”…. Something I have not heard before. So, you are an innovator of some sort?

  21. WhitePride IsNotRacist says:







  22. samjs721 says:

    Oh ok sorry for the confusion. I mean idiot dumbasses

  23. fawn knudsen says:

    Please elucidate, then. I am confused. I have never seen that word used in the context you are using, other than as a slur against homosexuals.

  24. stylezNout says:

    nate looks kinda black

  25. liovarjo says:

    hahahahaa. so nate the great gonna wind up back in ufc? so when is paul daley gonna be back

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