11 comments on “NCIS Los Angeles – NCIS: MMA”

  1. drbiggs99 says:

    Get a room lol.

  2. switchy theresa says:

    i just love these two!!! funny as always <3 

  3. Jade Smith says:

    Loved it til the last second. Deeks should over power bitch Kensi.

  4. Ken93Cy says:

    0:33 Oh for crying out loud Kensi, if you want Deeks THAT bad, get a room.
    And can I tell you a secret?? He wants you too!! #Densi FTW people!!!!!

  5. paul000108 says:

    love to see beale get in to sum action since nell is a agent just to mix
    things up

  6. Nimisha Srikanth says:

    This scene is absolute gold!

  7. abigail falce says:

    deeks, be more careful in the future about what you´re saying, you wont
    have protection the next time
    just amazing, i would see it all day

  8. squinn1201 says:

    Hahaha! I love them!

  9. disturbiasexuality says:

    I’m laughing so much right now! :’D

  10. Mikesamturner says:

    Eric’s like nah mate!

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