25 comments on “Next Bout For Henderson, Guillard Targets Other Promotions, Gina Carano on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. kopxpert says:

    I think Bellator do not want to give an opportunity to a “UFC reject” (no
    disrepect intended) the chance to become their LW champ (it can potentially
    happen). It’s a “pride” thing between Bjorn & Dana – as a result, fighters

  2. HydroBud98 says:

    Henderson vs. Nogueira makes sense but I don’t know if Nogueira is ready
    for a full training camp yet because of the injury that caused him to pull
    out of his fight with Gustafsson. If Nogueira is not ready, I want to see
    Henderson vs. Bader.

  3. Bornin Arkham says:

    I feel bad for Melvin Guillard. It feels like he’s been in the UFC forever
    and its sad to see him get cut.

  4. 123gwf says:

    I don’t think Gina is coming back. Anything is possible of course, but
    we’ve heard this sort of talk before — she just wants to keep all of her
    options open.

    And besides, she has a new movie out April 6th. All of this
    return-to-fighting talk is just helping the publicity for that movie.
    She’d be crazy to shut it down.

  5. Alex Kolakowski says:

    maybe Corano’s not a contender but who cares? I want to see some women’s

  6. James Peach says:


  7. blaze556922 says:

    Melvin is a beast and could rise to the top in any organization. He beat
    Johnson and was kicking Ross’s ass before the DQ. He could be the UFC champ
    if he got his shit together!

  8. Scott Summerton says:

    Carano wasn’t Strikeforce champion, she fought Cyborg in the division’s
    inaugural title fight.

  9. milowizard says:

    Hopefully Melvin Guillard will do well outside of the UFC, he never
    achieved the ranking and status he was supposedly capable of with his up
    and down performances. If anything, perhaps he’ll finally learn some
    submission defence and work on his cardio.

  10. pewpewetc says:

    dan is crazy , machida will kick his ass if they fight lol.

  11. Lopata991 says:

    LoL @ Hendo vs Machida 

  12. MrLiamzzz says:

    almost al the champs are injured cain,pettis,weidman,hendricks…sucks..

  13. moose barboza says:

    I think it’s not a coincidence that Bellator hasn’t signed Guillard. Look
    at the Fitch/Okami situation…Zuffa and WSOF are def playin games on that

  14. erik crook says:

    chris weidman ducking machida !

  15. Caddy Jim says:

    Because UFC bought out Strike Force Gina has a couple fights left on her
    contract so she is under contract with the UFC & Dana said he would make
    that fight if she was interested so she cant go looking for big money else

  16. Ivan Valverde says:

    HENDERSON is a great fighter, but without the Juice He aint gonna last 1
    minute , if they do fight, MACHIDA will destroy Henderson and make him

  17. TheSammyTiger says:

    And Bellator doesnt want Melvin because he is a lower class fighter in the
    UFC who would come in and destroy their lightweight division. He would
    definitely be top 3 in lightweight, and it would just expose how weak the
    lightweight division at bellator really is. All they have is chandler and

  18. 37robles says:

    Hendo vs Cormier would be an awesome match up. They’re both healthy too so
    they could take over that 173 headline as well.

  19. K131399 says:

    i have to disagree with the ronda fighting an inanimate rod making money
    theory. look at her gates and ppv numbers. i realize the ufc never releases
    the ppv digits but her last gate was less than half of ufc 57 back in 2006.
    and dana did say if she got 600,000 buys for ufc 170 she would double her
    last ppv take. her appeal is irrefutable but so are her dismal gates and
    ppv revs.

  20. Telvin Ilustrisimo says:

    I wouldn’t want Hendo vs The Dragon II do u guys remember the 1st one?
    Boring & it sucked 

  21. EM Thiele says:

    Machida vs Overeem. Make it happen

  22. lakeeffectmusicable says:

    4 out of the top 5 middleweights are injured or will never fight again.

  23. TheSammyTiger says:

    July 5th? You mean fourth of July weekend? Where the UFC will MILK this
    fight as USA v Brazil? something smells fishy here… 

  24. armytaskforce11x says:

    Dana better give Hendo that fight ,fuck man Hendo is the only one at his
    age who can still bang,he deserves to be in hall of fame 

  25. JwVanC says:

    I don’t think Chris is hurt, I think he’s scared.
    Where you at Chris, Where you at mother fucker

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