25 comments on “Nick Diaz Bare Knuckle MMA Fight (RARE)”

  1. Powermove Promotions says:

    Wow that was some nasty ground and pound by Nick, he definitely wasn’t
    holding back on his ground and pound punches here.

  2. Erik Charles says:

    War Diaz!

  3. Mario Murillo says:

    Why he doesn’t fight like that inside the octagon ? Nice leg kicks and his
    punches seem to be thrown with more power in this fight ..

  4. Mixed Martial Arts - MMA says:

    *UFC Veteran Nick Diaz in a Bare Knuckle MMA Fight*

  5. Pat Gilmartin says:

    Amazing to see how far nicks boxing has come since this video. Cool shit. 

  6. David C says:

    I noticed Nick used a TKD stance a few times. Interesting how different his
    style is now.

  7. Jimmy Strudel says:

    Diaz is a bitch. I’d fuck him up IRL.

  8. Robert King says:

    So this is where he developed his love of the open handed strike to the

  9. Rodrigo a says:

    You want to see something cool and very rare well watch this its Nick Diaz
    actually fighting when he was 18 in Bare knuckles MMA fight. You can also
    watch him take on the GOAT Anderson Silva the 31st.

  10. Chad Plainview says:

    Kick his ass seabass. 

  11. c0pyimitati0n says:

    Is this old? For a pro, Nick should of ran through this guy…

  12. TheSubmissionChannel says:

    Submission: The most definitive way to win a fight. 

  13. Pawnage says:

    Holy shit, I wonder what dana white thinks about this fight lol

  14. GOD JOEY says:

    Who was the other guy? Good fight.

  15. Gun nuts are nuts. says:

    nicks only good against guys smaller than him lol.

  16. albertico says:

    They just broke the first rule by making this video

  17. Oi! Just Do It, Man says:

    This is MMA gold. Back in the day when they used to film using a potato.

  18. Dabbin Cesar 420 says:

    Another reason to love Diaz. Man is tough af

  19. allteeth says:

    After that ground and pound, Nicks opponent was hoping for a way out. He
    got it. 

  20. Vador réda says:

    Lourd !!! Nick Dyaz

  21. Isaac Takyi says:

    this is pancrase…not bare knuckle fighting…*sigh*

  22. FitnessClips Daily says:

    *UFC Veteran Nick Diaz in a Bare Knuckle MMA Fight*

  23. Jose Galvan says:

    *UFC Veteran Nick Diaz in a Bare Knuckle MMA Fight*

  24. stephen Obrenski says:

    *UFC Veteran Nick Diaz in a Bare Knuckle MMA Fight*

  25. The Immortal says:

    2:36 LOL 

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