14 comments on “Nick Diaz Promotions Presents ‘WAR MMA 1’”

  1. jbillycrack says:

    is this real life …. well anyway 209 stockton bitch

  2. brooklyn6904 says:

    Why is this funny to me? lol

  3. salnjoffy69 says:

    Enesog, you are a stupid little creature.

  4. Frank V says:

    Stockton Arena? Sounds like the real fighting will be in the parking lot trying to defend yourself from a bunch of thugs. I hope they plan on having lots of security guards.

  5. enesog says:

    UFC is becoming a pussy shit organisation anyway since they made this women devision. There is also an upcoming TUF women. WTF is this. I want to see real fights , no pussys. There are enough porn sites already.

  6. enesog says:

    Yeah, I hope this organisation will rise and become good.
    Nick Diaz is a cool guy. One of my favourite fighters. To bad he’s not fighting anymore.
    So I hope he’s organisation will be good.

  7. sHAd0W11591 says:

    Anybody know the name of the song?

  8. DaZ316x says:

    nick diaz aint even fighting? fuck this shit.

  9. thebanaap says:

    lold at no lateral movement.

  10. MrFza says:


  11. thatdude21601 says:

    Free stream? Im in.

  12. antegradnja says:

    yeah, nick diaz unified rules
    1. no wolf tickets in this promotion (209 homie.)
    2. no spinning shit
    3. no gay wrestling shit
    4. yellow cards for stalling, a fighter who stalls may also be called “a little bitch”
    5. no testing for nor-cal’s finest kush
    6. 1st round 10 minute round like in Pride
    7. extra points for taunting, slapping, cussing
    8. no lateral movement
    9. judges scoring based solely on damage done on an opponent
    10. at least 2 media event no-shows required before getting title shot

  13. GluteusInflammatus says:


  14. thebanaap says:

    Any changes made to how this org works?

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