Nick Diaz The Teacher at Syndicate MMA and Wand’s Gym in Las Vegas

25 comments on “Nick Diaz The Teacher at Syndicate MMA and Wand’s Gym in Las Vegas”

  1. KronaTithers says:

    That seminar looked pampered the fuck up.

  2. Jimmy Burke says:

    whats the current situation with the diaz bros and the ufc?

  3. Thales Moreira says:

    “Hold here… or whatever”

  4. tonyAJ420 says:

    Surprised Nick even goes to Nevada with their ridiculous marijuana laws.

  5. Preston Vaughan says:

    Good dude, Most misunderstood guy in mma.

  6. KevinRomero says:

    im so fuckin jealous right now

  7. 5616steph says:

    Cesar Gracie jiu jitsu mother fucker… pardon my language 

  8. Justin Agnew says:

    Your editing needs work, Lazy. Guess you live up to your name.

  9. Ole Kristian Nygård says:

    Where can I get a Diaz 4:20 shirt like that?!

  10. NickLee says:

    Nick Diaz! 

  11. Alundrin says:

    MMA master !

  12. Tommy Vercetti says:

    What an awesome experience that must’ve been! Nick Diaz is my favorite all
    time fighter, glad he isn’t like everyone else n has the balls to speak
    truth. Thanks for putting this video up MiddleEasy, Layzie the Savage. 

  13. Carlos36 says:

    Good stuff :]

  14. lisenyoudontknowme says:

    i would tap out nick diaz 2 seconds son of gun im a ufc trainer and expert 

  15. caterpillardogg says:

    Step one: Slap on a triangle
    Step two: Throw up double fingers
    Step three: Smoke a bowl

  16. Richard Alpert says:

    the fucking shirt: Diaz 4:20

  17. Gabriel Hedin says:

    Love the Diaz!

  18. mtdyl911 says:

    Stockton 209

  19. shane banim says:

    ufc 183 will be great..dont be scared homie!

  20. Chris Vega says:

    Diaz is the man 

  21. Lanky Gazelle says:

    Yo Layzie, Your editing and angles were on point in this video!!

  22. fenixx48 says:

    Nicely done…big ups to Layzie

  23. ryan garrison says:

    Needs more Alex Chambers

  24. Majestickilla13 says:

    it’s bothering me that i have to wait till January till see this guy fight

  25. SickProductionsDK says:

    Hey Nick, can’t begin to describe how bad I want you to win the Silva
    fight.. Thats one tough fight, but I would bet on you though.. I think you
    got it!

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