25 comments on “Nick Diaz The Teacher at Syndicate MMA and Wand’s Gym in Las Vegas”

  1. KronaTithers says:

    That seminar looked pampered the fuck up.

  2. Jimmy Burke says:

    whats the current situation with the diaz bros and the ufc?

  3. Thales Moreira says:

    “Hold here… or whatever”

  4. tonyAJ420 says:

    Surprised Nick even goes to Nevada with their ridiculous marijuana laws.

  5. Preston Vaughan says:

    Good dude, Most misunderstood guy in mma.

  6. KevinRomero says:

    im so fuckin jealous right now

  7. 5616steph says:

    Cesar Gracie jiu jitsu mother fucker… pardon my language 

  8. Justin Agnew says:

    Your editing needs work, Lazy. Guess you live up to your name.

  9. Ole Kristian Nygård says:

    Where can I get a Diaz 4:20 shirt like that?!

  10. NickLee says:

    Nick Diaz! 

  11. Alundrin says:

    MMA master !

  12. Tommy Vercetti says:

    What an awesome experience that must’ve been! Nick Diaz is my favorite all
    time fighter, glad he isn’t like everyone else n has the balls to speak
    truth. Thanks for putting this video up MiddleEasy, Layzie the Savage. 

  13. Carlos36 says:

    Good stuff :]

  14. lisenyoudontknowme says:

    i would tap out nick diaz 2 seconds son of gun im a ufc trainer and expert 

  15. caterpillardogg says:

    Step one: Slap on a triangle
    Step two: Throw up double fingers
    Step three: Smoke a bowl

  16. Richard Alpert says:

    the fucking shirt: Diaz 4:20

  17. Gabriel Hedin says:

    Love the Diaz!

  18. mtdyl911 says:

    Stockton 209

  19. shane banim says:

    ufc 183 will be great..dont be scared homie!

  20. Chris Vega says:

    Diaz is the man 

  21. Lanky Gazelle says:

    Yo Layzie, Your editing and angles were on point in this video!!

  22. fenixx48 says:

    Nicely done…big ups to Layzie

  23. ryan garrison says:

    Needs more Alex Chambers

  24. Majestickilla13 says:

    it’s bothering me that i have to wait till January till see this guy fight

  25. SickProductionsDK says:

    Hey Nick, can’t begin to describe how bad I want you to win the Silva
    fight.. Thats one tough fight, but I would bet on you though.. I think you
    got it!

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