25 comments on “Noon Basketball turns into MMA Preview.. 0 to 100 REAL QUICK”

  1. Donald Diaz says:

    that knee bar could of ended badly.

  2. Throden Day says:

    I will tear your knee out the fucking socket! sweeet. 

  3. davidiantwopointzero says:

    So…the intervention only occurs once Whitey has the advantage but as soon
    as they interfere enough to give Blacky the advantage, the mantra becomes
    “let them go”? That’s bull$.

  4. rhcp500 says:

    So… Guy A says Guy B* is bad at basketball. Guy B challenges Guy A to a
    1v1 with money on the line for the winner. Guy A says he’ll play the match,
    but not for money. Guy B concludes that he must be better than Guy A at
    basketball because Guy A won’t play him… for money.

    *Guy B is a chimp. 

  5. Ovadia Yosef says:

    Can you niggers let a fair fight happen for once? stop interfering you
    stupid fucking monkeys.

  6. Shotgun Saj says:

    This is why I love JJ. People that don’t train are SO unaware of what you
    could actually do to them. 

  7. ytgffghdfh says:

    Looks like another nigger trying to be tough. Always throwing cheap shots.

  8. SomoshiphopRadio says:

    A purple Belt that acts like that and can’t shut the fuck up defuse the
    situation and go home with no altercation is a disgrace to the art in My
    Opinion. and on top of that the one who started the “Verbal Assault” “I ma
    whoop yoo ass” He needs to go to The Gracie Academy in Torrance California
    and get some Anti Bulling intervention. in My opinion the “Purple” Belt
    acted stupid, reckless and verbally threatening against the other guy. sure
    if they touch you “Defend Yourself” but if you started to Attack first,
    even if its just verbally it can not be accounted as “Self Defense” .The
    first word referring to an aggression, attack or violence was delivered by
    the so called purple belt.

  9. coreyologist says:

    As a lesson to white people, being a black man never fight one on one
    amongst blacks because most are back stabbers, they may be cool with you
    until you mess with one of their own.

    Perfect example of how blacks ignore black on black crime they don’t say or
    do anything unless its someone white or another race doing it, how these
    two been black it would have been one on one

    And for some reason most blacks think they can get beat up every white guy
    they can see. Not.true at all, there are some white guys who can fight just
    as good as the next man. Its funny how the black.dude had second thoughts
    when he told him he will snap his knee in two and.will never play
    basketball again lol

    And I would be a lot of blacks thinks the white guy in the video is a
    racist and is the grand master of some ku klux Klan lol

  10. Travis Peregrine says:

    Look at these sweaty neanderthals trying to settle their dispute through
    cringe-inducing posturing and chest rubbing. The proper etiquette is to
    challenge your adversary to a gentleman’s duel.
    Travis P.
    3x reddit gold recipient

  11. TheBigMclargehuge says:

    Nigger throws a sucker punch as usual. Fucking animals have no sense of
    honor, it’s too complex for their tiny monkey brains.

  12. MyPasswordIsAlpha says:

    Watching that racist white man use his illegal fighting style, a cheap one
    at that, against the black man really made my blood boil. First I just wish
    I’d been there so I could have set that bald white racist skinhead
    straight, his little Ju-punksu wouldn’t have gotten him ANYWHERE with me.
    Luckily in this case, there was a level-headed womyn in the vicinity who
    put a stop to this ridiculous fighting. Once again: Thank goodness for
    womyn, they’re just more reasonable, smarter and all around better than men
    and it’s situations like this which prove that to be 100% irrefutably true.

  13. Alex Beatingu says:

    a purple belt in bjj, but a blue belt one stripe in talking black. pick up
    your game, shun, naw mean?

  14. Azure says:

    Both talking trash, black guy throws first but it’s fair to say it wasn’t a
    sucker punch as the white dude had referred to whipping his ass prior to
    that. Other dudes don’t lump in with beatdowns or kicks to the white guy
    like so many others would have – all in all a fair fight with lessons
    learned by both protagonists.

  15. Joseph Dantay says:

    Not trying to be racist or be prejudice against another race, but this
    video shows how SOME black people and I emphasize “SOME”, can be ignorant
    when it comes to sports. They think that since they’re black they can talk
    all that shit and degrade other players and think they better than everyone
    else. The dude in the black and red baseball tee was talking shit after the
    game and even bet money to go against someone to prove he’s better, a
    simple one on one would have just done it, money doesn’t have to be
    involved. Then the dude feels threatened by the guy in the green because he
    humiliates his game, and turns to violence for answer? People just gotta
    understand they are not in the NBA and that a pick up game is not serious.
    You play, win or lose, you just say good game and move to the next game
    that’s all. Pisses me off that people walk into a gym and think they can be
    better than others and when they lose they go all mad and they try to
    assert dominance by using money, words, and violence. If your good show it
    on the court, but in this case this dude probably didn’t play good because
    he was dribbling with this head down lol. But again it isn’t just black
    people other races too Asian people do it, white people do it, middle
    eastern people do it. Just hope that people can see that a game is just a
    game nothing else, you come into a gym to play basketball not to joke on
    anyone else or to fight, you’re there to get better and to have fun, not to
    just turn into something worse. Sorry for the long comment but i hope i
    didn’t offend anybody and if I did I am sorry.

  16. Don Jacare says:

    You wonder why ppl get shot up and killed? B/c they can’t suck up their
    pride, close their mouths, and walk away. This is a prime example many guys
    lose their lives. The moment somebody that knows martial arts uses it, now
    you want the fight to be over and stopped.

    And to you idiots saying “niggers don’t fight fair.” Gtfoh!! I have seen
    fights in other places with whites, Latinos, and Asians where they jump in
    and pull weapons on guys. It’s not a black or white thing. Stfu w/ alla the
    stereotypes. If I remember correctly, didnt whites in the 30s-60s jump
    blacks and gang up on them 5 or more to 1??? Hypocrites no.

  17. herpderpmonkey says:

    Is there some BJJ guy who can analyze this shit and tell us how the white
    guy reacted properly?

  18. q1w2e3r4 says:

    Black people are cowards. How else do you explain slavery? And looting in

    Thank god the American Sniper was there to kill the looting black animals.

  19. XBLArmory says:

    Guy A said he’d whip Guy B’s ass in the context of basketball that’s
    different than walking up to some dude and calling him a “bitch nigga” on
    the street, That was no threat of violence it was a threat of defeat in
    sport; Guy B threw the first punch, he doesn’t get off just because you
    racist pricks expect so little self restraint from black people, watch it
    again and see who approached and created a physical tension, that guy
    decided he was going to start a fight the second he had an excuse.

    The soft racism of low expectations is what has kept the black man down in
    america since the civil rights movement.

  20. Ralleigh Grandberry says:

    If they hadnt attempted to “break it up” first. That dude was seriously

  21. herc ules says:

    that was badass. the “tough guy” tried to sucker punch like a coward. and
    quit like a coward. and lost like a coward.

    back in the day, or under the right circumstances, he would’ve gotten his
    knee tore to fk as well. like the coward deserved.

    either way props to the other guy for being the bigger and better MAN.
    something that other little shit will never be, let alone understand.

  22. Brett Mc Ginnis says:

    why do I always see white people calling black people monkeys when we’re
    all descendants of an ape species? 

  23. Josh G says:

    Should have just cranked the knee, teach that prick to control himself. If
    you can’t play basketball without throwing a punch at a guy you probably
    deserve to not play basketball anymore.

  24. M Saez says:

    That was so satisfying. Sometimes, it’s good to show these loud mouth
    bastards what’s what. Dude in the black and red deserved to have his teeth
    knocked in. Some people should not be allowed in public spaces.

  25. CoolCatInATopHat says:

    Should’ve ripped the sucker punching cunts knee apart.

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