Pat “HD” Barry goin’ crazy cornering Rose Namajunas @HypeorDie / was covering the event and Pat “HD” Barry was going crazy cornering Rose Namajunas at Invicta 4. Everything Pat does is hilarious so I knew to keep the camera on him. Not only did I get footage but I also get punched as you can see in the video. Luckily i could take a beating LOL. Rose stopped her opponent in the 3rd round via RNC

25 comments on “Pat “HD” Barry goin’ crazy cornering Rose Namajunas @HypeorDie”

  1. doomfword says:

    yup he was one of the commentators along with king mo and miesha tate, i think

  2. Mauricio Cevallos says:

    I love this guy

  3. John Crichton says:


  4. heroinpenguin666 says:

    Of course it is, he was in the commentary booth. You can watch the whole card on Ustream, just search for Invicta FC.

  5. heroinpenguin666 says:

    There’s no way not to love Pat Barry. 😀 By the way, the actual fight was great too.

  6. andyjaycee says:

    Yes. It’s Invicta that happened a few nights ago. Womens only MMA. He was commentating

  7. Robert Jackson says:

    I love the part where he points to his face and is like OUCH OUCH LOL You can tell he felt that with her.

    Rose Barry!!!! haha gonna be an awesome name! Get married already!

  8. Ted Czech says:

    Great video. Like how at the beginning the security guy is like, “what the …” but Pat quickly wins him over.

  9. seinfeld11123 says:

    pat is awesome, at the end of his last fight, he said smugly “Its cause im too small. that it isnt it. ”
    Actually yes it is. the guy you beat was barely top 15. Pat stop eating 10 tacos for lunch and you could make 205 easily, have a chin that will be good for 205P division. and you will just silver back gorilla fuck all the 205 pounders. that every morning ppl from ur weight class will leave bananas at your doorstep! with a note. Please don’t fuck me up Mr HD Barry

  10. Dazzyl4real says:

    gold man, gold.

  11. Нурбек Жумабаев says:

    He is funny , BUT He looks funnier when he is knocked out and I really like to see this.

  12. e8tballz says:

    Pat’s just the best. You can’t help but smile

  13. scheissekopf92 says:

    He should try the decafe

  14. Hellbrigade88 says:

    “In the face. IN THE FACE” hahaha preach it brotha

  15. y0rg05 says:

    must be real hard cornering your girl. imagine if things go south..

  16. churrbaycuzzy g says:

    best corner person!

  17. trainofaaron says:

    he remindes me of Kevin Hart LoL!

  18. TheNinjari says:

    kinda reminds me of Dwayne Johnson XD

  19. jtweedizzle1 says:

    Worst corner man?? Far from it. I second that, HD would be a blast to kick it with.

  20. 19thaman79 says:

    I’d like to smoke a fat j and chill with Barry.

  21. blusuck says:

    BAS RUTTEN is in the background. That is all

  22. ListeningOwl1 says:

    he’s just cornering her, his woman! I’d be pretty excited too like most cornermen. Besides, this was filmed by a fan. The fight ws still viewable. Just sayin’… HD is far from unlikable imho. peace

  23. Ryan Carberry says:

    What dude

  24. turd ferguson says:

    Dude, one of these days I’m gonna party with this guy.

  25. ProjectMMAtv says:

    YES everyone go check out that highlight video.

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