Pat Healy: Gilbert Melendez Not Fighting Was a ‘Business Decision’

Pat Healy discusses his level of satisfaction after a win over Kurt Holobaugh, the chip on his shoulder going into the fight, stepping into the UFC, and more with MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani. Subscribe to our channel for more MMA videos! Click – Check us out on Facebook ( and follow us on Twitter (@MMAFighting)! – MMA Fighting

25 comments on “Pat Healy: Gilbert Melendez Not Fighting Was a ‘Business Decision’”

  1. ricardoalviso says:

    Only one way to find out, remember that

  2. Kinggypo2 says:

    i reckon pat healy vs jim miller would be a great fight

  3. FruityMcGee says:

    healy will go 0-3 in the ufc. he’ll never be on a main card.

  4. LWStupidus says:

    Ariel called him out on throwing fights on his show

  5. ejp93 says:

    Nah nothing wrong with that, he has always been able to smell his ears.

  6. channelin says:

    wait what happened between ariel and bob sapp?

  7. SalcedoMMA says:

    i havent seen the interview yet so i dont want to come at you hostile but the millitary is a huge part of his life hes still enlisted so most of his life takes place around a millitary atmosphere

  8. SalcedoMMA says:

    you obviously know nothing about mixed martial arts. Healy earned the fight and in this sport any man can win at any given moment. Im sure you didnt think Matt Serra stood a chance against GSP and he knocked him out

  9. BlackStar KeepShining says:

    Shut up.

  10. Cryttan says:

    Man Pat seems like a really nice and honest guys. There’s so much fake bullshit in mma media. I love when people say what they actually think.

  11. swhite6 says:

    Like he said, he had two weeks he thought he had no fight and let his weight climb, on top of that he went from fighting Gil to fighting some chump. It was obviously very hard for him to get motivated for this fight.

  12. tank abbott says:

    fuck hes got the worst nose in mma lol how does he even breathe

  13. goldeneyeforevercom says:

    I’m no fan of Kennedy. Can he do an “MMA” interview without mentioning military? I’m not getting shot at? What!? He’s not driving a bus either so what is his point? Simply a guy who needs to grow up before he does interviews. I’m not saying he’s a bad fighter or person, I’m just saying he needs an attitude adjustment when it comes to public speaking. If you can’t change who you are then at least do your best to cover it up during interviews. Too much ego for my personal taste.

  14. crafty112 says:

    bob sapp in his prime is >>>>>>>>>>>>>> then healys whole career so he should just stfu

  15. crafty112 says:

    Lmaoooo he keeps talking shit he’s not gonna make it to the ufc

  16. docksta says:

    Well his nose isn’t broken

  17. ArtfulBog says:

    Healy seems like a cool guy…

    It’d be a shame to see El Niño murder him.

  18. allroundp4p says:

    what did bob sapp say to ariel?

  19. MwHooM says:


  20. RROOBBBBOOBB says:

    Pat Healy went from fighting in a championship fight to on the undercard. He almost lost his ass last night. Good luck in Bellator Pat!  The UFC would eat you alive

  21. BillyBobbJoeRayCyrus says:

    Who’s got the bigger head? Pat or Ariel?

  22. noyorriesvato says:

    Lay n pray lol he won all of tge scrambles tht other guy was a beast but pat heally won but tht guy should b great in the fw division

  23. Skip2MyLou619 says:

    I agree with Pat, it was all to convenient that Gilbert pulled out of the title fight vs Healy, not once but TWICE

  24. None Of Ur Bnizz says:

    Bob sap is garbage

  25. bjjchris333 says:

    who the hell is pat healy?

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