25 comments on “PEWDIEPIE VS KYR SP33DY UFC EA SPORTS Celebrity Death Match MMA”

  1. TemptedSWIFT says:

    the excitement is real lol

  2. Khalin Davis says:

    Girlgonegamer vs SSSniperwolf would be nice

  3. cheezenuggets says:

    Do you have a gay crush on pewdiepie shrapnel??

  4. RagingEverydayHD says:

    I know whos next… Ali A vs Tmartn, or SSSniperWolf vs GirlGoneGamer 

  5. KmanRocks109 says:

    KSIolajidebt v.s Pamaj

  6. Dr cabrita says:

    Speedy vs vanoss

  7. ImMrTKz | FatalTKz says:

    Speedy is 6″8

  8. @MikeXVI says:

    The keyword thirst is REAL.

  9. Alan Merrick says:

    I love pewds but in reality he would get slammed and knocked the fuck out 

  10. Desmond Kemaraw says:

    Seriously lol

  11. DavideCanova says:


  12. camwhyy says:

    jackfrags vs. frankieonpcin1080p

  13. TheCupCake4455 says:

    Speedy’s name is Nathan 😀 I think….I’m pretty sure that’s it…

  14. Shan Ghas says:

    Rosie o Donald vs Betty white

  15. TheBeastFatboy says:

    Dashiexp vs Jesse Wellens from PrankvsPrank/BfvsGf

  16. Slayze says:

    That was awesome!

  17. David Galvan says:

    Fuck’em up speedy!

  18. bigbroc says:

    Nobody Epic V. Kyr Sp33dy them tall mo fuckkas

  19. ruhelking1 says:

    kyr sp33dy is more athletic than people would think, same way with mr sark.
    Think they would be a perfect match up

  20. stainonmars says:

    Seananners Vs Hutch!

  21. Richard Rodriguez says:

    Nice idea xD

  22. i2k෴ says:

    Speedy vs. Vanoss

  23. ryan cunningham says:

    Keemstar or Youtubable

  24. DrcJr77 says:


  25. MistaAbYsSs says:

    Rest in peace headphone users.

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