24 comments on “PEWDIEPIE VS TOBUSCUS! UFC EA SPORTS Celebrity Death Match MMA”

  1. Ben Drowned says:

    Pewdie pie should of one that

  2. Benjamin Nosic says:

    I don’t play the mma games so i don’t know shit but do they put these
    people in the game or is it a mod

  3. Brianaxel44 says:

    Do woodysgamertag vs keemstar.

  4. sethw711 says:

    I liked that these videos were full and unedited. Any reason why this one
    isn’t? I can understand why you took the 5 min game intro out but I liked
    watching the whole fight.

  5. Benjamin Carlson says:

    LOL we asked and you delivered! Thanks Wicked :)

  6. Wooblidoo says:

    Dear Wickedshrapnel, Please do a deathmatch between Joe Rogan and Dana
    White. If that is too lame then do Dana White vs Roy Nelson

  7. Sean Bean says:

    If this isn’t gay I don’t know what is.

  8. Con5tantine | The Head Set Guy says:

    I knew this would happen

  9. Zerg0vermind says:

    Pewds looks more like syndicate

  10. ruhelking1 says:

    mike tyson vs fpsrussia

  11. RagingEverydayHD says:

    OMF THIS IS AMAZING! <3 ya wicked :)

  12. Albert Burgos says:

    Pewdiepie finally got his teeth knocked -in! It should’ve been +
    Wickedshrapnel giving him an ass-sandwich in the face. Punch all the

  13. 94MrSJ says:

    Look at their eyes haha

  14. Forts Win Wars says:

    Wickedshrapnel vs. Onlyusmeblade :D

  15. CG Robert says:

    The two most outstandingly annoying people on youtube have a brawl,

  16. Benjamin Carlson says:

    George Washington vs. Abraham Lincoln?

  17. Seth Simpson says:

    its pewdiepie and he should have one you fuckhead

  18. Rudy Williams says:

    @MrOcho831 . I hate haters. I wish they would die in a hole. They make
    shitty comments and are fags. Anyone who hates should kill themselves
    because they are a waste of space.

  19. Jake Davis says:

    Ali-a vs Tmartn 

  20. darkshadowstone says:

    I cant stand tobuscus
    He asked his fans for money over $200,000
    Yet he makes like 4.2 million

    I mean hes a good youtuber but like that was wrong of him

  21. Laggin24x says:

    WORICP vs Elpresador ?

  22. keanuelder says:

    Tmarnt vs Goldy

  23. Jake Hartzell says:

    Do you play as one of the characters?

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