20 comments on “Phil “CM Punk” Brooks Signs to UFC on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. R3LAPZE says:

    fuck anyone who wants to deny cm punk a chance to taste glory in battle!

  2. kopxpert says:

    Yeah, i agree with Pollock (for once), i think they just had to sign him so
    that Bellator dont sign him. That’s probably the main reason why all this
    is happening. I also agree with Robin & Ramdeen that it is very very
    unlikely he’ll be competitive with a pro MMA fighter even the unexperienced
    ones with shitty records. But then again we have no way of knowing what MMA
    skill level he is right now so yeah

  3. Benjamin Thomas says:

    Fuck the “pure sport” aspect of it, sign Jason David Frank, and book CM
    Punk vs the Green Ranger, in a demented PRIDE-style freakshow spectacle.

  4. Case Morg says:

    I have a feeling CM will change his mind after he does some legit sparing,
    he will quit before he ever gets in the octogon

  5. john smith says:

    However..!..the reality is that CM Punk wants to do this. Dana and the UFC
    are not forcing him to do it for publicity it’s the next chapter in his
    life and who knows what comes next…definitely a few movies…..you three
    are sometimes verbally bumbling bafoons. Regardless let’s all sit back
    …wish him the best and enjoy the fucking show when it all does go down.
    .win or lose.. I will definitely be watching his whole fight career. 

  6. rahowhero says:

    Jordan, had a chance at a new sport with little previous experience. The
    athleticness of individual is obviously important, when dishing out chances
    to rank outsiders

  7. nicholas malone says:

    This is what I do not understand. Will the fighters get paid sponsorship
    money at the show to fight or will they be placed on salary based on their
    rankings? And since the rankings change weekly how will that be consistent.
    Will there be a third party outside the UFC regulating fighters pay from
    the Reebok deal?
    UFC have 500+ fighters on the roster. How can ufc guarantee fighters equal
    pay if the fighter is not ranked?..
    And now with the new signing of CM Punk will his get a bigger piece of the
    Reebok sponsor pie. based on his celebrity and following…
    I just always thought the UFC was not a place to learn your craft. One
    example Kimbo Slice. Dana White said if Kimbo Slice wants to fight in the
    UFC he must be on the TV show The Ultimate Fighter… He has to earn it 

  8. John Moffat says:

    Seriously robin black is the most honest been there done that kind of guy
    to go thro the ringer just for the sake of his love for the sport nd
    commentating i respect your professional opinion over any other analyst
    keep it up

  9. psytanto says:

    CM Punk doesn’t have a reputation to tarnish 

  10. Telvin Kipapa says:

    Wow Robin Black been though a lot good for him for following his dreams.
    Same with Punk 

  11. DecaMMM says:

    Cole Miller said he can fight and hes a legit ufc fighter. Let the guy have
    his dream stop hating we all dont know until we see it. Its not like hes
    going to get match up against the top 15 fighters. And if he does loses
    like even in the 1st couple mins so what a lot of ufc fighters get knock
    out in the 1st minutes. Love it or hate it but we all will be watching.

  12. floydyes says:

    Wow, Ramdeen acted like such a judgmental douche in this one with the whole
    “he’s an idiot” thing, and he even dragged ultimate nice guy Robin Black
    along with him…disappointed…

  13. Channing Tatum OFFICIAL says:

    Its a joke and a slap in the face to all the real fighters out there who
    have earned their spot in UFC by having tons of amateur and pro fights
    before being offered a contract. But CM Punk gets a free pass because hes
    gonna make them money. This just proves UFC doesnt care about having the
    best fighters, they only want ones who will make them money.
    Example: Jake Shields. One of the 10 best welterweights in the world and he
    gets cut after one loss because he doesnt sell on ppvs. 

  14. NateDawg920 says:

    The only thing I think Robin is missing is, being a top star in the WWE
    takes a lot of athletic ability…athletic ability that Phil has over
    Robin…call him a stunt man all you want, but that athleticism can take
    you further in the octagon.

  15. ed invested says:

    Who cares how crazy it is I wish had a shot at the ufc with no training
    just to shut all those fuckers who always say “let’s see you have the guts
    to step into the Octagon” which a shit load of people would given the

  16. Xavier Roca says:

    Punk in ufc middle weight division,hes dead man walking

  17. jeff pope says:

    and people thought mcGregor got fast tracked…

  18. dusty616l says:

    thx robin, 

  19. MrWackywilson says:

    thanks all. great shows again.

  20. Cage Riot MMA says:

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